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Loving life with the Buffalo Bills, Von Miller hopes more "big moments" are on the horizon in latest football chapter

Von Miller (40) greets fans following the Return of the Blue and Red at Highmark Stadium, August 5, 2022.  Photo by Ben Green
Von Miller (40) greets fans following the Return of the Blue and Red at Highmark Stadium, August 5, 2022. Photo by Ben Green

Von Miller has a safe somewhere in his house where he keeps his two Super Bowl rings. The combination to open it and bring out the two visually stunning pieces of hardware has been seldom used though, or at least that's what the Bills linebacker claims. 

"I've barely worn it," Miller said of the ring he won seven months ago, a ring which has the most diamond carat weight in championship history.

Miller wore both his rings earlier this summer in Los Angeles to celebrate with his former Rams teammates one last time before heading to Bills training camp. He's shown the rings to his new teammates in Buffalo who hope to get fitted for their own one day.

"They're really nice," Bills defensive end Greg Rousseau said. "That's our goal."

Other than that, Miller's rings are akin to a fond, distant memory — locked away and stored for a special occasion when nostalgia is needed.

"Even though it is a special moment, I don't want that to be my determining moment in my career," Miller shared.

The accolades speak for themselves: 8-time Pro Bowler, 3-time First Team All-Pro, 115.5 career sacks (most in the NFL since 2011), 2-time Super Bowl champion and Super Bowl 50 MVP. Von Miller has a Hall of Fame resume before even taking a snap as a member of the Buffalo Bills. It would be totally understandable if Miller flashed his shinny accomplishments around more often. But that's not who he is.

"He could act however he wants to act, but he's a down to earth guy," Bills DT Ed Oliver put it. "Von is just Von."

Miller has spoken at length leading into the season about his goal and the Bills goal to win a Super Bowl. His narration on a recent video shoot included the phrases "Lord, let me bring a Super Bowl to this fan base" and "burn it all" when referencing the franchise's playoff shortcomings. The 2-time champion is determined as ever to add one more ring to his collection, one that would be everything to the city of Buffalo.

"I've fallen in love with this place and it just gets better and better each and every day," Miller said. "I am trying to be the best Von Miller for my guys here."

The first stop on that journey includes a trip right back to Los Angeles. Not only will Miller's first game as a Bill be against his former team, it'll also come in the same building he played the Super Bowl in. Safe to say, the emotions will be wide-ranging and Miller is already going through mental exercises on what the experience could be like.

"I've envisioned it, I've thought about it, thought about like, 'Man, what am I going to say to Aaron Donald in warm ups and pregame?," Miller shared. "I've thought 'Is coach McVay going to look at me crazy before the game?' And if he does, how do I react?"

Miller also isn't sure whether he will get booed or cheered, but he's thought about both scenarios. The visualization of specific interactions before they've even happened may be overkill, but it's by design, Miller said. 

"I've already thought about all of these different things so when it comes game day, I'm so locked in and me trying to be the best player that I can be for the Buffalo Bills," Miller explained.

Still, it will be a balancing act, carrying emotions of both reverence and competitiveness for the 33-year-old. Miller faced off against the Denver Broncos in the preseason as a member of the Bills but much of the staff and roster there is different than a year ago, even more so for any members of the 2015 Broncos that won the Super Bowl. Playing against the Rams will be a different story.

"It'll be like me playing against my brothers," Miller shared. (The Rams) really poured into me and wanted me to be successful. You can never erase that. I love those guys for that. We won Super Bowl 56 and that will always be there. They will always be my teammates. But at the same time, I'm on the Buffalo Bills now and I want to create some of those same memories with my new teammates now. It's a weird feeling."

So much has been dissected on what Miller's impact will be on the field, from his in-game usage rate to how many sacks he can get. At every turn though, Bills teammates and coaches have taken the time to rave about their who their new addition is off the field and in the locker room, a veteran leader who seems to be seamlessly fitting in in Buffalo.

"I've been really pleased with that process of him getting to know us, us getting to know him," Bills head coach Sean McDermott said. "He is certainly a phenomenal player, but he's also a phenomenal person and I think that's sometimes what goes maybe not as celebrated. But I think he really fits into our culture and he's really added a ton to our football team."

"Guys respect him, again, based on what he's done. But too, on how he's been in the building here and what he hopes to do for us here as well," added QB Josh Allen.

Thursday night will finally be that chance for Miller to start a new chapter, one that he hopes will bring "good times and happiness" and be just like the moments where he was part of a Super Bowl winning team.

"I want to create other big moments, I want to create other moments that are just the same ," Miller said.

The Bills are ready to take flight for the team's first regular season road trip of the season to face the defending Super Bowl champions. This gallery is presented by Imagine Staffing.

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