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National reporter optimistic about 2012 Bills

A great car isn't old, it's a classic.  The same can be said of Van Miller's jokes and stories.  No matter how many times you hear them, they never get old.  It was great to hear him sit in on The John Murphy Show and also hear his thoughts on the current team, as well as why the championship teams from the 1960's couldn't compete today.  Although he had high praises to sing all around, he especially singled out Stephon Gilmore as being a very special player.

Defensive Coordinator Dave Wannstedt could have stayed at the University of Pittsburgh for 20 more years, according to him, if they didn't have internal turnover.  However, he did share why he had such a special feeling about the Bills and why this opportunity stood out over all others that were presented to him.  Wannstedt also shed some light on why Arthur Moats is slightly ahead of Kirk Morrison for the strong-side linebacker position, and why he feels Bryan Scott is set up to have a great year.

It's always nice to get the national perspective of the Bills, especially when it's positive.  Clark Judge from had, for the first time in a long time, more positive things to say about what he saw in practice than what he had to eat in Pittsford.  Judge said the two most impressive camps he's been to so far were the Giants and the Bills, because the Bills saw their main need and addressed it (rushing the passer).  Clark also gave his take on some league issues like T.O. signing with Seattle, the dysfunctional Jets camp and Andy Reid coping with the loss of his son.

Finally, I had a rare chance to speak with Walt Patulski, the former #1 overall draft choice by the Bills in 1972.  Walt hasn't been connected with the team for a long time, but stopped by camp today.  When he came on the show, he shared some great stories about an unusual draft night, being the highest paid d-lineman at that time and why other teams wouldn't shower at the War Memorial.

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