Nelson gets fortunate diagnosis


David Nelson was scared stiff after he knocked knees with a defensive back in practice and fell back on his leg awkwardly in practice on Saturday. Though he was able to walk to the locker room under his own power he was visibly upset fearing he was going to be sidelined for a long time. Fortunately after a full examination the injury has proved to be minor.

"It's a strained tendon in the knee," Nelson said Sunday. "It's nothing what it should have been.  The way I fell back and the way it all happened, I'm very blessed to have that diagnosis.  So, we're just trying to be safe with it, so I don't have any long term damage."

"It was not bad, bad, but he is going to be out four or five days," said head coach Chan Gailey. "It is a good thing we have a day off tomorrow to give him an extra day. We will see when he gets back. I am hoping maybe Wednesday or so."

Nelson was examined for about 10 minutes after the injury occurred on the field Saturday, but Buffalo's primary slot receiver dodged a bullet for sure.

"It is nothing serious," he said. "There is no long-term damage. Like I said, the way it looked on film, the way it felt in the field, I am very lucky with the diagnosis that I have.* *I definitely have a guardian angel somewhere."

Donald Jones has been the primary slot receiver in Nelson's absence.

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