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New 2015 procedures/permitted items at RWS


The Ralph is a no-smoking facility: NEW is that all tobacco products are not permitted inside the stadium. This includes chewing tobacco, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, lighters, and matches.

Walk-through metal detectors: Gate 3. We have installed these units at Gate 3 as a test run for 2016 – to work out the logistics and see what we need for 2016. In 2016, the NFL mandates that all NFL stadiums install walk-through metal detectors at all gates as part of the NFL's Best Practices. The walk-through metal detectors are even more efficient than the hand-held units, and should further speed the gate entry process for fans while being less invasive.

Accessible Parking:For guests with disabilities with the proper accessible parking placards. The Bills have more than the compliant number of accessible parking spaces – however, this is anticipated to fill up due to the demand of the games. Arrive early to give best chance for ADA space – otherwise, our parking partners and Sheriff will relocate you the best we can. Sheriff tickets vehicles that are parked in ADA spaces without proper parking permit. We care about the fans with disabilities and don't want fans to take their spaces illegally.

Click here for a full listing of permitted/prohibited items.

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