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Buffalo Bills Mock Draft Watch Wrap-Up | Most-mocked prospects

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The 2024 NFL Draft is just days away. That means it's time to tally up the numbers and share the results from all the mock drafts we've tracked beginning on January 21.

Since January, we have tracked 140 mock drafts. We've seen several positions and players mocked to Buffalo at No. 28 but a few were on an island by themselves.

Let's dive into the 140 mocks and see who the analysts think would be the best fit for Buffalo on night one of the NFL Draft.


With the departure of wide receivers Stefon Diggs and Gabe Davis, wide receiver has shown up far more than half the time at No. 28. Here are the most mocked positions heading to Buffalo in the first round according to the experts.

1. Wide receiver - 109 (78%)

2. Defensive line - 16 (11%)

3. Defensive back - 10 (7%)


Wide receiver was by far the favorite when it came to certain position groups heading to Buffalo at No. 28. When looking at prospects, a couple of names were head and shoulders above the rest. Speaking of prospects, 24 different players were mocked to the Bills. That's down from 41 last year.

1. WR Adonai Mitchell, Texas - 38 (27%)

2. WR Brian Thomas Jr., LSU - 35 (25%)

3. WR Troy Franklin, Oregon - 13 (9%)

4. WR Keon Coleman, Florida State - 12 (8.6%)

5. WR Xavier Worthy, Texas - 7 (5%)

6. DT Johnny Newton, Illinois - 6 (4%)

7. DB Cooper DeJean, Iowa - 5 (3.6%)


Here's a look at who were the most-mocked prospects by month. Thomas Jr. started out hot but in the end, Mitchell finished out the strongest.

FEBRUARY (32 mock drafts tracked)

WR Brian Thomas Jr., LSU - 13

WR Keon Coleman, Florida State - 7

WR Troy Franklin, Oregon - 7

MARCH (42 mock drafts tracked)

WR Adonai Mitchell, Texas - 14

WR Brian Thomas Jr., LSU - 7

APRIL (52 mock drafts tracked)

WR Adonai Mitchell, Texas - 21

WR Brian Thomas Jr., LSU - 12

Check out the 25 NFL Draft prospects who have been picked for the Bills in this year's mock drafts through April 22. Captions are produced from Daniel Jeremiah's Top 50 player list on, Eric Edholm's Top 100 prospects list and Lance Zierlein's draft profiles.