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Nick Barnett: "We're making too many mistakes"


On the defense turning it around in the second half until the last drive:

Yeah, the first half we were not playing how we are supposed to play. We came out in the second half and I thought we stepped it up, but we did not step it up when it counted. And that is what it comes down to. If we want to be a good defense or we want to do anything in this league, no matter the mistakes we made or whatever in the first half we have to be able to come out in the second half and make plays. Or start off not making any mistakes in the first half. That is what it comes down to. So I am definitely disappointed. It hurts the most because I feel like we gave the game away. I feel like we are definitely a better team. I cannot sit here and say that because we lost. But I have 100 percent confidence we are a better team than them. And I give them all the credit because they did what they were supposed to. We did not.

On how Titans RB Chris Johnson was so successful today:

Well, we had mistakes. We went in wrong holes, did not box, did not hammer when we were supposed to be inside, just different things. I think he had three really big, explosive plays. And that is what it equated to. We have to clean those mistakes up. Against a back like that you cannot make any mistakes. If you give him any ground he is going to take off running. So we have to clean that up.

On if he is tired of talking about the same mistakes seven weeks into the season:

We are definitely tired – tired of not playing to our capabilities. There is nothing wrong with this defense. As far as the schematics of the defense, it is one of the best schemes you could have in the NFL, for me personally. We just did not execute and that is the problem. As players we have to take responsibility to go out there and execute and we did not. And we should not be talking about this in week seven. If we are going to lose a game we need to be beat, and not give it up. And that is what we did.

On what is leading to that lack of execution:

It is hard to pinpoint. I made mistakes out there. And I think we just need to go out there and be more confident and believe in what we are doing. I know what I am supposed to do and I still made a mistake. As a team we have to be vibing. On a good defense anyway, if one guy makes a mistake another guy has to pick him up. That is what we have to do and we just are not doing that as a defense. But it just comes down to mental mistakes. I cannot pinpoint it. I do not know what it is. But we are making too many of them. Every defense makes mental mistakes, but we have too many of them right now. And when we are getting a chance to capitalize on their mistakes, we are not capitalizing.

On the Titans using a carbon copy of the plan New England used in their win here: I do not know. I just think we could have beaten them. I am just really disappointed in that game. They should not even be in the game with us. I hate to sit here and say this, because we lost, but they should not be in the game with us. We should have beat them – bad.

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