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Nix humored by Newton connections

There has been a bounty of reports over the past few weeks that the Bills are smitten with Cam Newton and will likely use the third overall pick on the Heisman trophy winner. Everything from "having their eye on him" to "liking Cam Newton a great deal," Buffalo's GM Buddy Nix finds it all humorous.

So when asked by if he'd like to set the record straight Nix chose to inject some more humor cracking a joke about taking Newton third overall.

"Everybody thinks I've got ties at Auburn because I coached there and my family went there," said Nix smiling. "But I just found out that Chan's (Gailey) son went to Auburn and that's why if we take him that'll be the reason, not because he's a big, good quarterback."

Newton made headlines earlier this week calling himself an "entertainer and an icon." He said he accomplished more in one year at Auburn than most do in a college career. Did Nix and Gailey see those comments as a sign of cockiness and arrogance or healthy confidence?

Buffalo's GM, who has had his own comments taken out of context, didn't want to pass judgment initially.

"I'd have to hear the whole conversation," said Nix. "I think you take things a little bit out of context and it makes it look a certain way. It's slanted. It doesn't bother me either way. You could say he's got a lot of confidence."

Gailey chose to wait until he can devote more time to examining Newton's game and character.

"I don't know," Gailey said. "Let me get to know him better and I'll be able to better answer that. You can see it both ways. I could see it as healthy and unhealthy. Let us get a better handle on it and we'll get a better idea."

The Bills will be doing their due diligence on Newton and several of the other underclassmen that will be considerations early in the draft. That's why Buffalo's head coach is looking forward to seeing Newton perform on the field in person for the first time.

"He obviously had a great year," said Gailey. "I watched him several times on TV. I've not studied him to this point. I've watched a little bit of tape. I haven't studied him. He's a big athlete that is in that Wildcat mode, but has the ability maybe to go to the drop back passer mode. I'm anxious to see what he's going to do here this week."

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