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No disciplinary action for Lynch

Although NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and New York State Senator Chuck Schumer were on hand at Bills training camp to further discuss ways in which to continue to make the Buffalo Bills viable and successful in Western New York, Goodell had news more directly related to the team's 2008 fortunes on the field.

Goodell stated that Bills running back Marshawn Lynch would not face any disciplinary action from the league for his hit-and-run accident this past May that was ultimately reduced to a traffic violation and nominal fine.

"When we looked at the facts and at what happened after the initial report, it's not a violation of our personal conduct policy," said Goodell.

Goodell met with Lynch early Monday prior to the team's late morning practice and is confident the Bills feature back will be accountable moving forward.

"He understands the responsibility," said Goodell. "He understands what it means to be an NFL player and how he has to represent himself and the league and the Buffalo Bills."

Lynch spoke to that he met with the commissioner.

"We said hello," said Lynch.

After settling the case last month Lynch has been focused on football.

"I just do what I do," Lynch said when asked if he thought there could be discipline handed down from the league level.

When asked by if he was relieved to know that no disciplinary action would be taken against him by the league, Lynch sounded as if he had already put the whole incident behind him.

"I'm already relieved," he said.

Naturally head coach Dick Jauron was glad to hear that the league would not be taking action in the form of a suspension against his top running back.

"I'm certainly relieved," said Jauron. "I didn't anticipate anything because it wasn't my position to anticipate. I'm aware of what he said and it certainly makes sense to me and I certainly agree with him. We're relieved."

Lynch was the team's leading rusher and leading scorer in his rookie season of 2007. His role is expected to be expanded in 2008 as a passing option out of the backfield.

"I spoke to Marshawn and met with him and he understands his responsibility as an NFL player and the facts are clear on the case at this point in time."

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