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Optimism about Buffalo's future brings Quinton Spain back to the Bills

Mitch Morse and Quinton Spain; Buffalo Bills vs. Cincinnati Bengals at New Era Field, September 22, 2019.
  Photo by Sara Schmidle
Mitch Morse and Quinton Spain; Buffalo Bills vs. Cincinnati Bengals at New Era Field, September 22, 2019. Photo by Sara Schmidle

As an undrafted free agent, Quinton Spain used not getting drafted as his primary motivation to prove he belonged in the NFL. Last year on a one-year contract, the guard bet on himself to prove he deserved a big-money long-term deal. But over the course of the 2019 season, the tight-knit nature of Buffalo's roster also proved something to Spain.

As appealing as the prospect of free agency may have been, Spain was clearly impacted by the supportive, family-like nature of Buffalo's locker room.

"I just wanted to come back to Buffalo, because I know there's something special here and I just want to be a part of it," Spain said. "The feeling here is great. There are no superstars. Everyone is a team player. We play for the team. It's a group that has strong chemistry and the stuff we were building, it's awesome to be back in the locker room with that."

An example of that tight-knit locker room was revealed by Spain himself, who said line mate Dion Dawkins and quarterback Josh Allen stayed in frequent contact with their starting left guard as he weighed his potential options.

"I just kept in contact with Dion (Dawkins) and Josh (Allen) and let them know that I really wanted to be here," Spain said. "And whatever they could do or say to help just get it done and I'm just happy we got the deal done."

For a former undrafted free agent who signed with the Bills on a one-year deal, what was most appealing about playing in Buffalo was the way head coach Sean McDermott set the tone.

"Just what McDermott has got going on here and the system and the stuff he wants us to do and my teammates and the work ethic we have and how we practice and how we show up for games and how we play," said Spain. "I adapted to that and I just want to stay with it. I believe we have something special."

With Spain re-signing Buffalo's starting offensive line from 2019 is back in place. The left guard believes the unit can be even better in 2020. 

"It's a new year, and it's our second year," he said. "Two years in the same system with the same group, the chemistry is already there. So all we've got to do is keep it up and expand on it and see how far it takes us next year."

The last bit of incentive for Spain in re-signing with the Bills was rooted in their exit from the playoffs last January.

"I feel the group coming back, everybody has got a sour taste from the playoffs, so when we come back for OTAs we're going to hit the ground running," said Spain. "I'm just ready to get back to work and finish what we started."

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