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Packers 'D' could be tonic for Bills point production


A good offense in football can mask other on-field issues a team may be having. Such is the case with the Green Bay Packers.

The Green Bay offense ranks first in points per game, sixth in total yards this season, and sit atop the NFC North 10-3. On the other side of the ball, however, the defense is ranked 26th in total yards allowed.

It's a defense that should provide plenty of chances for the Bills offense to get on track. What it will come down to for Buffalo is scoring points early and capitalizing on red zone opportunities.

"We'd love to get it going in the passing game and obviously in the second half, Atlanta was able to do some good things against them," QB Kyle Orton said, alluding to the Falcons loss to Green Bay last week despite putting up 37 points. "They ran good routes and the quarterback played well so we need to go out and replicate that and move the ball and score some points."

Last week was not completely an anomaly for the Packers, either. The Packers defense allows, on average, 23.4 points while the league average is 23.0. Based on averages, Green Bay's opponents score enough points to win a football game, but don't because the Packers offense puts up an average of 32.5 points per game.

This lack of productivity on defense is an aspect of the game Buffalo should be able to take advantage of.

"We think we're a good offensive unit and we think we can move the ball against everybody," RB Boobie Dixon said. "It's just finishing in the red zone with us has kind of been our problem the whole year. The coaches have a good game plan together and we just have to go out there and execute."

WR Sammy Watkins also admitted to the struggles that Buffalo has had in the red zone this season.

"We just kept getting to the goal line and kept getting three points," Watkins said. "Those are things you can't do against great teams like Denver and Green Bay. You have to score points. That's the thing we've been missing all season. We have to score. It's not going to be a perfect play or a perfect route. We just have to make plays."

The good thing about facing a defense that is 20th against the pass and 25th against the run is Buffalo can have a more balanced attack, keep Green Bay guessing and be successful. It will just come down to execution and running the certain plays that can keep the defense on its heels.

One thing that has been very clear in the locker room this week is the need to win now because if Buffalo falls this week, the playoffs might have to wait another year.

"We have to score points, especially going against Aaron Rodgers who can put up points," said WR Robert Woods. "We just have to score. Some defenses we play this year were the same way and we didn't capitalize and finish. But this is one of those games where we have to finish, put up some points and relieve some of the pressure on our defense."

"This is the last chance. There's no way around it," Watkins added. "We have to go out there and make plays. We have to be aggressive. We have to be aggressive on every side of the ball, that's offense, defense, special teams. Whatever it takes to win the game, that's what we have to do. And I think everybody knows that."

While everyone recognizes the importance of this Week 15 matchup, the important thing is to not press out on the field and try and force things.

"We're pros. We've been here before," said Dixon. "This is the game we love to play. We know that you don't press when you're doing what we do. You prepare, you practice, you practice on your craft, you practice on your technique, you're watching film, and Sunday you go to work. You really put what you worked on during the week out there. No pressing, no pressure."

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