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Peters: About another week

Jason Peters was up front about admitting that last Sunday he still wasn't quite the Jason Peters most Bills fans have been accustomed to seeing at left tackle. But he's close.

"About another week," said Peters. "Another week and I'll be back 100 percent every play ready to go."

Seeing the Pro Bowl offensive tackle back in peak form this weekend would certainly be a welcome sight, but overall Peters has performed well since returning to the lineup.

"It's kind of amazing, really," said head coach Dick Jauron. "It's his second week of training camp, actually less than that because we practice a lot more in training camp than we have now to get ready for games. Jason has played very well. He's had a couple bad plays. Unfortunately, the bad plays hurt us, but other than that, he's played pretty dominant football with very little practice. Our feeling is that he's just going to get better as we move along."

Peters doesn't deny he had a few rough plays in last week's game, but hasn't let it affect his confidence.

"I feel like I could take away three maybe four plays that I could take back," he said of the Oakland game. "Overall I did okay, but you're never going to have a perfect game."

Trent Edwards was sacked three times last week and fumbled once on a play that many, right or wrong, attributed to Peters. But Buffalo's quarterback pointed at himself for the outcome on that play rather than his blind side protector.

"I'm not disappointed in the way he's played and performed so far," said Edwards of Peters. "I'm more looking at myself. I'm disappointed that on some of those sacks that I'm taking I'm not doing a good job in the pocket and making Jason vulnerable on the edge there. Jason is improving each week and I think getting better each week."

Peters said the bigger challenge since returning has been the physical aspect of the game rather than the mental. In two games the Bills left tackle has had just one mental error.

"It was a back side cut off and I blocked the end instead of going up to block the safety," said Peters. "It wasn't an effective play, but it was a mental error."

The perfect game is almost impossible for an offensive lineman, though Peters strives for perfection every time out. And though when he finally reported he was in shape, he quickly recognized that his shape wasn't the same as his teammates.

"Obviously other guys are in great condition so you have to get yourself prepared and ready to go," said Peters. "(It's) just getting your body ready to go 100 percent every play."

And by this Sunday that's where Peters hopes to be.

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