Player reactions after loss to Dolphins

Bills S Jairus Byrd
On the goals coming into the game today
"To create turnovers and stop the running game from the Dolphins that was our biggest concern. The turning point of the game today was the turnovers."

On the play of the defense today
"We did not do well enough. We did not play like we practiced. We did not do our job."

On the goals for the regular season finale
"We just have to finish. It is not the record that we wanted or the position that we wanted to be in. We have to be professional and finish the season strong."

Buffalo Bills DT Kyle Williams

On preparing for Dolphins RB Reggie Bush
"Like last time they have stuff that they like to do run game wise. We knew we would be seeing more of it coming in today. We knew we'd be seeing more of that quarterback read, option-zone type of stuff. We had trouble with it last time, and we had seen them run it over the last couple of weeks and implement it more, and we had more trouble with it today."

On whether the execution of the option-zone was the difference today
"That has something to do with it. It gives you something else to prepare for, something else to worry about. It's an option type of running game, and they did a good job executing it."

On the mindset for next week
"We have to keep working. Obviously it's been a rough year. We have one more game, one more opportunity to play and every time you play you have to rely on guys to be professional about it and do their jobs. It's just like every other week we have to prepare to do the best we can."

Bills DE Mario Williams

On what the turning point of the game was today
"From the very beginning of the game it was a matter of field position. We had a lot of penalties, turnovers, and some uncontrollable punts. It was rare that we were on the other side of the 50 yard line. Field position is a big part of play, and we were not executing to get them off of the field. We need to do better on not letting them score when they have a short field position or a turnover."

On what the goals were coming into the game today
"Going out an executing. We planned to get after the quarterback; we knew he would be throwing quickly. We also wanted to stop their running game, specifically Reggie Bush."

On what he is looking to improve on for next week
"We need to improve on everything. With the way things have been going, we have a lot of problems. I cannot pinpoint exactly what these problems are. Our performance today did not even seem real."

Bills SS George Wilson

On what was the turning point in the game
"I mean, we couldn't get our momentum. You know, get the momentum back from them and going in our direction. They pretty much controlled the tempo of the game and we really couldn't just get our traction as a team to get on track. The Dolphins really did a great job, you know to come out and make the plays necessary to get today's victory. It's obvious which team was in the playoff hunt and which team is not playing for a playoff spot."

On the play of the defense
"It was up and down. We had our times where we got off the field on third down, getting three and outs, not give up touchdowns if we have to go out on the field in sudden-change situations to make sure we give ourselves the best opportunity to win."

On how to prepare for the last game
"You know, we have one game left. We got to finish out on a strong note. We're playing for our livelihoods. That should be the focus."

Bills WR Brad Smith

On why the offense struggled
"They are a good defense, especially on third downs. One of our goals was to convert third downs and we didn't do that. They did a good job of mixing up their coverages. They were disguising things. Hats off to them for the way they played on defense."

On the struggles in the red zone
"It just comes down to execution. We have to execute better there."

On the wildcat formation today
"We were hoping the wildcat would give us something today. We worked on it in practice. We had a chance to make some plays with it. It just so happened that they called a timeout on a play when it looked like we had a touchdown."

Bills WR Stevie Johnson

On the offense
"Too little, too late. That's pretty much what it was. We started the game off and we could've gotten a big chunk of yards with myself. I didn't make the play. That pretty much stopped us in the beginning. Then at the end we ended up picking it up but like I said, it was too little, too late."

On his personal goals coming into the game
"I wanted to break 1,000 and get a win."

On team goals for the game
"Get the win. That's it. We can't think about the next week today because we got to worry about the Dolphins. The team goal was to win and the personal goal was to get 1,000."

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