Players left to wait and see


Buffalo's victory over New York in their season finale was their first season-ending victory under head coach Chan Gailey, but the team finished with a 6-10 record identical to that of a year ago. That mark put the team out of the playoff picture with a few weeks still to play in the 2012 campaign. It has Bills players anticipating changes.

"Changes take place every year in the NFL," said Bryan Scott, a free agent this offseason. "It's one of those things where changes are going to be made whether it's on the coaching level or just the players level, it's going to happen. I'm not concerned about it and I'm not worried about it because whatever is going to happen is going to happen. When the chips fall where they may you just kind of keep rolling with it."

"You can't avoid the question anymore," said Eric Wood. "You can't say I'm looking only at next week, because the reality is here. I hope that we can stick with the guys we have and build upon what was a bad season, record-standpoint, but I felt like we got better, turning on the film. But I just have to roll with it however it falls, because I just have to do my job."

Stevie Johnson, one of the more outspoken players on the roster, is hoping that whatever changes do come are minimal.

"There is going to be change and we know that," he said. "There is no team that is going to stay the same in the entire NFL. So we know there is going to be change but hopefully, I think we will have the same staff here. Like I said, it was a matter of getting the defense on the same level. It took time, and it was too late so I think it was a learning season. It took a while to get comfortable with each other and we are comfortable now. Hopefully we will have the same staff."

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