Players react after 50-17 loss to Seattle


*Q: Mario, the read option really was a tough thing to get a handle on today for you guys.  *

A: We did it all week obviously in practice. We knew they were going to run it. For some reason whenever they gave us motion or what not we kind of had a responsibility switch where one person knew what was going on and the other person for whatever reason didn't.

Q: You guys had made a lot of progress defensively over the last six-to-seven weeks. To put this one on the board had to have been pretty frustrating.

A: You go from being pretty traditional with the running games that we've faced over the past weeks to hitting somebody with a read option and trying to be on top of that. It's not just one person on the play. One (DL) has to be on the quarterback and one (DL) has to be on the dive. For whatever reason that's what happened.

Q: Are you embarrassed?

A: When you lose the game you lose the game.

Q: You're on pace to set the team record for points allowed.

A: There are 10 other players on the field. However you look at it there are 11 guys out there. Especially, like I was saying about the read option, we practiced it all week. Each guy knows what they have to. When you come out and there are two guys on the dive or two on the pitch-with the pass guys are wide open-and with (Wilson's) scrambling ability that definitely put us in a real tight bind from what he did earlier in the game, as far as us rushing the front four.

Q: When you guys were running all over the place trying to get (Wilson) down and obviously the secondary can't cover forever. It's not like you guys aren't trying to get him right?

A: We've got to find some way to do it. Other teams have done it. In that situation we've got to find some way to do it.

Q: Again on the read option, you personally, how do you think you handled it? Do you think you did as well as you could?

A: At the end of the day you're told to take one thing. When you take that one thing you can't play them both. Could you? When you've got dive, you go to dive. If (the other DL) takes it, then that comes into play with the other guy taking his half. You can't play them both, especially with athletes like that at running back and quarterback. You can't.

BUFFALO BILLS Strong Safety George Wilson

Q: Over the course of the game was there anything that they were doing with their quarterback?

A: They beat us with the belly read play.  Where they either fake the dive, or the quarterback keeps it, or he gives the ball and the running back runs with it.  They kept us off balance all day.  They started the game off throwing the ball on early downs trying to soften us up a bit and eventually they started running that belly read and we couldn't get off the field on third down.

Q: I know you practice that read option stuff all week. You couldn't have been surprised by what you saw?

A: I mean yeah we worked on it all week but seeing it in practice and playing and defending it in the game is two completely different deals sometimes.  You know, just guys probably, I haven't watched the film yet but the way those runs were springing early on it had to be guys being overly aggressive doing more than what is asked of them on a given play and guys just trying to do too much as opposed to doing your particular job.

Q: Did you think you had that particular problem fixed after the last five weeks?

A: Yeah I mean you look at how we defended the run game the last several weeks, we definitely were very confident coming into this game trying to fit up their runs.  Especially with a big challenge going up against Marshawn (Lynch) who I believe is the second leading rusher in the league.  So, we knew we had our work cut out for us, we had like I said a productive week of practice but you know it all comes down to execution on game day on the game field and they executed better than we did today.

Q: What did you think of the effort today?

A: Effort, I thought the effort was there.  I mean regardless of what the scoreboard looked like guys didn't quit.  You know, it was something that we talked about on the sideline, finishing the game regardless of the circumstance of the situation and I didn't see anybody giving up.

Q: How disappointing is it to try and market your brand to this market and have a showing like today?

A: It's tough.  You can't come up and criticize these fans for cheering the way that they do or how they view the game.  You got to give these people something to be excited about and most of those plays came from Seattle today.


Q:  What went wrong on offense? Who do you point the blame to?

A:  I'm not into pointing fingers, it's a collective group.  We stunk it up today.  We didn't get our job done. And when you do that you have that type of performance.  We were still able to run the ball decently.  They put eight in the box and we were able to do some things that we liked.  The only thing that we can really do is look at the things that we did great and just try and correct the things that we didn't do too good.  We just have to be more disciplined when it comes to offsides and all that stuff.  You're not going to win too many games when you do that.

Q:  How would you grade the team's effort overall?

A:  I don't even want to put a grade because I don't want to downgrade my teammates. (Because) I know those guys were out there fighting.  It wasn't an A . And at the end of the day we didn't get our job done and we lost the game.

Q:  Were you showing frustration with the offensive line on the sidelines?

A:  No. I never yell at my o-line.  I was just telling them what they were doing and just encouraging them.  I wasn't yelling and showing frustration.  I can't remember a game that I've ever yelled at my o-line.

Q:  What was the mood at halftime? Was momentum on your side after two late first half scores?

A:  Yeah. And if you guys were in here at halftime you would know the energy was there. Everybody was excited because we really thought that getting the ball to start the second half, (having an opportunity to) go down and score real quick (that) we can turn the game around.  It just didn't happen and that's the part that really hurts the most deep down inside.  Having been down big like that, my guys still believed that we could still go out there and get the job done.  That's why I go out there and fight my tail off every play. And I'm just one of the guys.  When we hear that at halftime, it means a lot.

Q:  How do you feel after taking that hit when you were thrown on your head pretty hard?

A:  I guess he was just trying to be a hero, but I feel fine. I'm great.  Physically, I'm fine.  Sore, typically NFL soreness, but other than that I'm not banged up at all.


*Can you talk about the drops? You had a couple today. *

You have days like that but it's what you do about it. You've got to bounce back from that. All the older guys rallied around me, letting me know it wasn't all on me and that there are days like that. You've just got to catch the next one.

After one of the later (drops) you kind of looked to the sky kind of like why me? Why is this happening to me?

I can't blame it on anyone else but myself. I'll be catching a lot more balls in practice this week. It's just sometimes your confidence gets shot a little bit, you work a little too hard and try too hard to make things happen.

You guys called some deep passes and just didn't hit on them. It's kind of been a season long problem trying to hit those deep plays.

We've got to make those plays; it will help out the running game, underneath passes and everything.

For the couple that you dropped (what happened)?

Some of the best players have days like that, you've just got to bounce back, don't let it snowball. I kind of feel like I got out of (the slump) toward the end of the game but it was too late because we needed those plays earlier on.

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