Players react after loss to 49ers


Post-Game Quotes – October 7, 2012**

San Francisco 49ers vs. Buffalo Bills

Did you get the sense that they were kicking your tail play after play?

"I think that we weren't making plays. Bottom line is we weren't coming up. They were running the ball at I don't know how many yards per carry, and it didn't seem like it was to our favor. They were running through the middle at seven yards maybe per carry. That is what it felt like. I definitely got a sense that we weren't doing what we were supposed to."

We know how badly you guys wanted to rebound from last week, how shocked/amazed are you that it turned out in the fashion that it did?

"After last week, I would have bet that this team would have come out and played a lot better than we played today. Now going on two weeks and giving up that many run yards and giving up the plays that we gave up, it's disappointing and deflating, but I don't lose hope and I'm going to keep striking and keep pushing forward because I know that we have the potential and the make-up that we have in this room. We just have to show it."

Is it stunning the amount of talent on this team and the results that you are getting?

"It is very stunning to me. I would not have imagined ever being in this situation in this defense. I believe in all of these guys. I believe in their heart, their potential and the way that we play. For whatever reason it is, we are not doing what we are supposed too."

DT Marcell Dareus

Post-Game Quotes – October 7, 2012

San Francisco 49ers vs. Buffalo Bills

What went wrong with the defense?

"It was just breaking down in certain areas. [Head] Coach [Chan] Gailey will get together and fix it. We will break down the mental errors and we will fix it. He is working on it."

Did you guys expect them to come out passing?

"We kind of expected them to run the ball pretty heavy, wear us down and then try to open the pass game up. They have a couple of big plays and big play passes and that is what happened."

How embarrassing is this, you guys are a prideful bunch?

"It is just a game."

Do you think the fans think that it is just a game?

"Of course they think that it is just a game, but it is just tough right now. It is tough on the team, tough on the fans, that is a tough question that some people don't want to answer, but that is life right now. We are going to get better at it, work it out, it is just tough for everybody right now."

* *

RB Fred Jackson

Post-Game Quotes – October 7, 2012

San Francisco 49ers vs. Buffalo Bills

Do you think the team quit today?

"I wouldn't say we quit. We made some mistakes. That is just about what it is, fixing mistakes. We had turnovers that lead to points. We have three and outs, that puts our defense back out there, as an offensive unit we can't do that."

Do you know how many yards you gave up today?

"I have no idea. Any time you give up that many yards, you are not going to win a lot of football games. At the same time we didn't put up any points on offense. We can't have that. Everyone on this team needs to look at themselves in the mirror and see what it is they can do better to make this team better."

How bad is this stretch of games right now?

"It is bad, but it is early. That is the thing we have to focus on, that this is a long season. We still have a lot we can get done, but we just have to get it corrected now, we can't let it drag on any longer.

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WR Stevie Johnson

Post-Game Quotes – October 7, 2012

San Francisco 49ers vs. Buffalo Bills

Is this your first game back playing in the Bay Area?

"Yes. It is my first game out here in the Bay, first game at the Stick."

What was it like to play here?

"Overall, I have to say that it was not good because we lost and it was a bad loss. The whole feeling was great because I had a lot of family out here. This stadium is legendary to me, so I am happy that I got the opportunity to play here. I was hopeful that it would have been better than what it was."

How embarrassing is it to have this happen two weekends in a row to completely fall apart?

"It is terrible. You don't practice as hard as we do to come out on show time and lose how we are losing. It is something that we need to find, something is wrong and we need to find it. We have to get back to work and see what happens next week when we go up against a tough Arizona squad."

There is a lot of blame to spread offensively you can't get anything going, today nothing at all.

"It is disappointing like I said, we put in work, we have plays, unfortunate situations occur throughout the game and we have to get better and get over that."

* *

LB Bryan Scott

Post-Game Quotes – October 7, 2012

San Francisco 49ers vs. Buffalo Bills

Did you feel you had good intensity to start the game?

"I thought we came out hard and played well in the first half. In the second half, we just couldn't get any flow. It is embarrassing, I'm sick of it, because we are better than this."

Your defense seemed committed to the base today, and then the 49ers started attacking you guys with Vernon Davis, do you think they took advantage of the base defense?

"It doesn't matter who is on the field. Whether it is nickel, whether it is base, we have a job to do and we got to get it done."

How do you pick up the pieces, how do you start getting it done?

"24 hour rule, we look at the film we go from there. Time is of the essence. We talked about sense of urgency, we talked about accountability, we talked about finishing, all of these things come into play. We are sick of this, this is terrible.

S George Wilson

Post-Game Quotes – October 7, 2012

San Francisco 49ers vs. Buffalo Bills

As far as the defense, did you think there was a big difference in play between the first and second halves?

"We felt good in the start. We gave up a big play on the opening drive, when they got to the goal line we held them to a field goal. Then they got that first touchdown and we were down 10-3 at that point. Then right before the half we turned the ball over and they scored another touchdown to convert the turnover into points, which put us down two scores at the half. We came back out and they dominated us in the second half. There is no way to paint it up, they dominated us, they made more plays than we did, which ended up in the outcome we had."

In the first half it looked like you missed tackles and they got a lot of yards after the catch, and that was an issue last week as well.

"We have to tackle. The offense is good enough in this league where they are going to make some plays. Our offense has some playmakers and they make plays. When they make plays we have to be able to tackle and minimize the gain, so we can line up and play another down. When you miss tackles and they bleed you for yards after contact or after the catch, it gives them a shorter field and just puts you on the ropes. Fundamentally, we have to be able to tackle, all good defenses tackle."

You are almost a third of the way through the season, how are you going to stop this?

"We have to. This can't become our trend. We have to find a way to stop the bleeding and be on the winning side of things. We won't be able to get that done, if we continue to play this way. It is about executing the job and getting the job done, that is what it boils down to."

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