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Players show united front on QB change


When the news broke on Monday, there was a three-pronged combination of support; for QB EJ Manuel as he moves into the backup spot, for QB Kyle Orton as he assumes the starting role, and for head coach Doug Marrone.

"[The coaches] think it's the best way to help us win so I'm all aboard for it," said Mike Williams.

"We have a lot of talent in this room. Even with EJ. They made that decision because we lost two tough games and we always have to win. Now they are just putting more emphasis on it with the quarterback and we need to win now pretty much," Robert Woods added.

"Guys already expect a lot from coach Marrone. This is just something he feels like he's doing to give us a better opportunity to win," echoed Fred Jackson.

Bringing in a new quarterback is always a decision that will stir the pot among fans. It's a move that raises so many questions compared to a change on the offensive line or at wide receiver. The players however, downplayed the adjustments they'll face with a new signal caller.

"It's not too big of an adjustment," said Seantrel Henderson. "They're two different guys but as far as cadence and things like that, it's pretty much the same."

"Oh it's the same thing," Mike Williams said. "Even when he wasn't playing, he was back there taking second-team reps and some first-team reps even when he wasn't playing. So it's basically the same. It's just a new guy in the huddle"

The wide receiver has been through a similar situation before. During his time in Tampa Bay he experienced quarterback changes, and made it clear that as a player on offense you go about your business as if nothing has changed.

Jackson also made a point that this change is in no way a distraction for him or the team.

"I'm not distracted and I wouldn't say our team is distracted," Jackson said. "What we have to do is continue to find ways to win games. This is another step in that process. Our coach is trying to fix everything that he can. On offense he feels that making this move will give us a better chance to make plays. We've got to do that and go out and make plays when we get that opportunity, and Kyle (Orton) is going to be somebody that's going to try to do the same."

And as for Manuel, the players know he will be fine. He handled the news professionally, as everyone would have expected. He showed up early to One Bills Drive, worked just as hard during practice, and really just is handling the change with poise.

The consensus is that this will be a good opportunity for him to sit back, relax, and focus on what he needs to do to help the Bills in the future.

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