Polian: Happiest Days Were in Buffalo

There was no shortage of big-name fire power on tonight's John Murphy Show.  We'll start with the gentleman getting "Wall of Fame" honors this weekend, Bill Polian.  The former General Manager shared some great stories and memories from his time with the franchise, saying some of his happiest days were in Buffalo.  One of those stories was how he actually came to Buffalo, saying that the Bills had to replace a pro scout who had a back ailment.  Polian credits Marv Levy for not only bringing him here, but for teaching him most of what he knows about football and life.

One of the players that Polian brought to the Bills, Thurman Thomas, sat down with Murph as well.  Thomas says that if it wasn't for Bill Polian that none of the other guys (Jim Kelly, Bruce Smith, etc…) would be on the "Wall of Fame" themselves.  In evaluating this current team, Thurman believes, based on their schedule, that this Bills team is still a playoff contender.  He also feels that the only reason the splitting of the carries between Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller will work is because of their relationship together and the equal talent level they both share.

One of the current players trying to revive the success of the 1990's Bills is free safety Jairus Byrd.  He had a huge game against the Cardinals with 2 interceptions, and says they were both pretty similar in that the plays came right to him.  Those picks, as well as many others that Byrd has accumulated, come up in clutch times.  Byrd was humble in saying he's just doing what needs to be done to make a play for his team.  Jairus did share a funny story about how he motivated Stephon Gilmore in his matchup with Larry Fitzgerald.

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