Poz pursues second passion

Bills linebacker Paul Posluszny is not one that takes much time off from football. Known as a gym rat when it comes to offseason conditioning there's little time for other pursuits. But he did make sure to carve out some time this winter to pursue a secondary passion, financial management.

Posluszny spent a month as a financial services intern with UBS. Though UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland) is based in Switzerland, the global financial services firm has branches in more than 50 countries. Posluszny interned at the firm's Pittsburgh office.

"I had a prior relationship with a financial advisor at UBS in Pittsburgh, Don Healy," said Posluszny. "A really good guy, sharp guy and we've kept in contact over the years and I would always ask him questions on the market and the financial field and he gave me an opportunity to come in and do an internship with him. So I decided to take advantage of it."

Working under regional manager Susannah Weis and Healy's partner Tony Gaslevich, Posluszny got to put his Penn State degree in finance to good use.

"I would go to through the day-to-day business with them," said Posluszny. "I'd go to client meetings and learn about portfolio management and learn how to interact with clients. Whenever a real world opportunity came up to talk with clients, meet with clients or watch how Don would build a portfolio, or buy certain bonds or equities, I would observe and he would go through it with me."

Posluszny would spend the other half of the day doing preparatory study for the Series 7 exam, the one required to become a certified financial advisor.

"I think it's something I would like to do later on, but right now I definitely want to get back into the football mode," said Posluszny. "We've got a new defense and a lot of learning coming up, but it's definitely something I'd like to do later on."

The linebacker is one of the players in Buffalo's locker room that's just as likely to watch CNBC as he would Sportscenter.

"I'm obviously around sports so much, so when I need a little break I like to check out CNBC or find some really good reading material on the financial markets," he said. "I'll pick up the Wall Street Journal every once in a while and we always have that in the football building. It's just something different that I like to use, especially in the offseason. After the season ends you need a little break from football. That's what I like to do."

And that's why the linebacker took his interest in the financial field a step further this offseason and hopes to further expand his knowledge in the offseasons to come.

"I learned quickly that what you learn in school is not the same as real life situations when you're dealing with a client's financial future," said Posluszny. "That's a huge responsibility. And just seeing the detail that goes into the work and seeing how they interact with clients on a daily basis. That was the most important thing being in that atmosphere. It was interesting to see real world examples."

"For the month of February it was a good, quick four week deal and a good experience. It's something I'd like to continue next offseason. I learned a lot."

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