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Q & A: P Shawn Powell


Samantha Willhauck: What do you work on as a punter?

Shawn Powell: I work on my drops a lot, because if the ball drops bad then you're not going to hit a clean ball and it is going to mess up every time.  Walking down the line and dropping the ball at the line and make sure you have a flat drop and the ball pops right back up to you. Then I add things on as we go to get a kick in.

SW: What made you decide to be a punter?

SP: My brother was a kicker in high school and he is older than I am, so it really was a younger brother looking up to an older brother and wanting to do the same thing.

I always go in the yard and kick with him.  It just happened to be a thing I was good at and worked at it.  I worked with Greg Cater, who punted for the Bills in the early 80's. He helped me get better at what he was trying to do. That's why I decided to be a punter.

SW: In meetings, what do you usually study?

SP: I really study and watch (Brian) Moorman a lot. Watching him punt. He has been here for a long time. He has been to Pro-Bowls.  He is doing something right. We're both going to be different, don't get me wrong.  There are certain techniques that every punter does and I want to see what he does. We really don't study the rush team or anything like that, because we really don't watch them. We're head down, following through, that kind of stuff.

SW: Has Moorman given you any advice?

SP: He has always been there if I have a question.  He is always going to answer.  Moorman's main advice to me is to not try to kill it every time. Smooth through it and also with the drop, he has taught me techniques he learned over the years.  I am always up to learning new things that will help me.

SW: How is the college training camp different then the NFL training camp?

SP: In college, we only had one meeting. Special teams meetings only lasted about 25 minutes and then I was done until practice. Then practice was over and I could go home and everyone else had meetings. At Florida State, we could stay at home, where we had a TV and could sleep in our own beds.

SW: Do you have a TV with you?

SP: No, actually I have my iPad. I have been watching a lot of ABC shows and really enjoying Rookie Blue and a little Wipeout - that cracks me up.

SW: Do you have any superstitions?

SP: Not in the NFL so far. In college, I used to color my shoes before I would go out.

SW: What is your favorite thing about Buffalo?

SP: I love Buffalo Wings.  We have a couple back home in Georgia and I have been to five or six of the places. Bar Bill Tavern is my absolute favorite. It is wonderful.

SW: Did you find a house yet in Buffalo?

SP: I have been staying sometimes with Patty Brammer (her ex-husband Marc Brammer was a tight end with the Bills). I have been staying with them. They have a whole basement and stuff that I have been living in.

SW: Who do you look up to?

SP: Other than my brother, I would say Greg Cater. He has been in the NFL before, and knows what it takes. On the other-hand, my brother always gives me advice, and tells me what I don't want to hear. That's what I like to hear. 

SW: What does your brother do?

SP: He is a corporate controller for a hotel company in Florida. He played baseball and retired from that.

SW: Do you have any other siblings?

SP: I have a sister. I am the youngest of three.

SW: I saw you are an uncle …

SP: Yes I am an uncle. Harley Ann, she's crazy and fun. I like being able to take her for a couple of hours and then give her back!

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