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Quick Hits: Anderson and Daboll on the same page


Anderson and Daboll on the same page

There has been daily dialogue between QB Derek Anderson and offensive coordinator Brian Daboll concerning this week's game plan. What stays in and what comes out for the play call sheet, along with a host of adjustments for what they believe will work best against the Colts on Sunday.

"Brian and Derek have communicated all week long in terms of what they're comfortable with, what he's comfortable with and what Brian sees," said head coach Sean McDermott. "So they've had good communication in that regard."

McDermott and the coaching staff have made some slight tweaks to the practice sessions this week to accommodate Anderson, knowing what he is undertaking this week with limited exposure to the play book, but the veteran QB has impressed in practice this week.

"The first thing you notice is his command. His presence and command and some of that respect comes from that as well as his years of experience," said McDermott. "The way he handles the walk-through, the huddle, the way he throws the ball compared to guys who haven't been around him before is a great example of veteran leadership. We need to continue to build this roster with veteran leaders in each room."

Allen to observe, learn from sidelines

Josh Allen won't be suiting up on Sunday, but he'll be watching veteran QB Derek Anderson very closely as he replaces him in the lineup against the Colts. The rookie QB will be on the sidelines Sunday observing Anderson and his offensive teammates, presumably with an ear piece or headset to hear all the play calls.

Despite being inactive due to his elbow injury, McDermott sees an opportunity for Allen to learn in a different way this week.

"There's a lot to learn by just watching someone, especially for these young guys. They're visual guys and to have a front row seat to watch (Derek Anderson) is a great opportunity."

Why Cam Phillips got the call

On Thursday, Buffalo elevated practice squad WR Cam Phillips to the active roster. Coach McDermott shed some light on what earned Phillips the promotion this week.

"With respect to Cam, he's a guy that is doing things the right way," said McDermott. "When he's on the field, he's at the right depth, the right width (on his routes). A lot can be said for the trust that's involved with being where you're supposed to be, when you're supposed to be there."

Phillips was signed by the Bills last May as an undrafted rookie out of Virginia Tech. McDermott and the offensive staff clearly felt that Phillips earned the right to get a look on the active roster. No word on whether he'll be active for Sunday's game in Indianapolis.

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