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Quick Hits: Discussing opportunities to improve roster at the trade deadline

Sean McDermott (left) said the Bills will always look at ways of improving the roster. The NFL trade deadline is Tuesday, Oct. 29 at 4 pm.
Sean McDermott (left) said the Bills will always look at ways of improving the roster. The NFL trade deadline is Tuesday, Oct. 29 at 4 pm.

1. McDermott and Beane evaluating everything at the NFL trade deadline

With the NFL trade deadline approaching at 4 pm on Tuesday, every NFL club is having discussions about whether there are viable opportunities to improve their roster. The Bills are no different as head coach Sean McDermott confirmed that he and general manager Brandon Beane have had discussions.

"We talk about it. We look at everything," said McDermott. "I know Brandon and his staff are on top of things, so just like we evaluate games we look at everything with our team."

Outside media speculation suggested the Bills look for possible additions at wide receiver, defensive tackle and running back.

2. Focus on fundamentals

After watching the tape from Sunday's loss to the Eagles, coach McDermott felt there were several parts of his team's game that were not up to their standard. Chief among them were fundamentals.

"Based on the game this past week we've got to do a better job with fundamentals and technique," he said. "That's really where our focus is right now, looking at ourselves and saying, 'Hey what can we do better?' And that starts with me and goes to our fundamentals and technique."

McDermott provided a specific example from the game referencing Miles Sanders 65-yard touchdown run.

"We had the one long run, which was more of a fit problem there and then there were some other fundamentals and techniques as it relates to playing good run defense with our front seven in particular," he said.

Though disappointed with the performance, McDermott is trying to be patient with some of the fundamental shortcomings, particularly on offense.

"You try and keep it in perspective a little bit because of the new pieces we have this year and sometimes that takes time to get going and years of continuity as well breeds higher levels of execution," McDermott said. "That's where our aim is and that's what we've got to do in order to score points."

3. More opportunities for Singletary?

Rookie RB Devin Singletary didn't get many touches in Sunday's game, but he did make an impact with his 28-yard catch and run for a touchdown. When asked if Singletary is worthy of more opportunities, McDermott gave indication that it will be considered.

"We want to get the ball in the hands of our playmakers," said McDermott. "You saw what Devin can do earlier in the season. Now him coming back off the injury is another piece in him doing his job as well. It's part of the whole and everyone doing their one-eleventh and doing the job here.

"Those are the things we look at and talk about. We talked about some of those (opportunities), so it's an ongoing evaluation. Anytime you get the result, whether it's good or bad, you want to look at why you got the result that you got, so we're evaluating all those things."

So far this season Singletary is averaging 8.6 yards per carry and has a touchdown rushing and receiving though he's only appeared in four games.

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