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Quick Hits: McCarron and Peterman could share first team reps on Thursday night


1 - McCarron and Peterman could share first team reps on Thursday night

As the quarterback battle rages on, A.J. McCarron and Nathan Peterman are listed as co-number one quarterbacks on the first unofficial depth chart. As Thursday's game approaches, Sean McDermott spoke on how both quarterbacks could see first team action on Thursday.

"We've got a plan," said McDermott. "We are going to stick with our rotation."

McDermott was asked if he thought that both Peterman and McCarron could see time with the first unit in the first preseason game.

"Yes, they could both be with the first team," he said.

Throughout camp to this point, a consistent rotation has been in place. All three of the Bills options at quarterback, Josh Allen, Nathan Peterman, and A.J. McCarron have all seen time with the first team offense. The three have alternated on a consistent schedule, and McDermott believes that the rotation is the best way to determine which quarterback will provide the most for the 2018 Bills.

2 - McDermott on Allen's development

As a highly touted first-round pick, Josh Allen is surrounded by loads of expectation from a variety of sources. However, he has continued to remain humble throughout the process, and Sean McDermott has compared him to two quarterbacks that he previously coached; Donovan McNabb and Cam Newton.

McNabb and Newton were selected second overall in 1999 and 2011 respectively, and both quarterbacks appeared in a super bowl in their career. The expectations for Josh Allen as the seventh overall pick in this year's draft are extremely similar. McDermott spoke about the expectations and the familiar situation earlier today.

"I have been around two guys in Donovan McNabb and Cam Newton," said McDermott. "Each was different, but in Donovan's situation we had a plan as well."

McDermott also stressed that there is no rush to force Allen into the starting role before he is ready.

"We are not rushing him," said McDermott of Allen. "We want to make sure that he is ready to go."

Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott have both been around young quarterbacks with high expectations, and they are comfortable bringing Allen along at a pace that they see fit. Bills fans can be sure that they will make a calculated decision as to when to start Allen.

3 - Coleman's first practice with Buffalo

After the Bills acquired Corey Coleman on Sunday night, Coleman drove to Rochester early Monday morning, and he is now ready to take part in team activities with the Bills. Sean McDermott spoke about what Coleman brings to the table earlier today.

"Because he just got here, we are going to get him acclimated," said McDermott. "We are just going to take our time with him."

McDermott seemed excited about the possibility of adding Coleman into an already electric group of playmakers on the Bills' offense.

"I think Brandon [Beane] and the scouting staff here did a nice job of identifying Corey as a guy who could potentially help us," said McDermott. "The expectation is for him to get his feet firmly on the ground here and to become the best version of himself."

As a former first-round pick, Coleman has dealt with expectations in Cleveland, and the coaching staff and front office in Buffalo believe that he will improve with a fresh start with the Bills. Coach McDermott believes that Coleman will perform in Buffalo.

"We can't wait to watch him blossom into the player that we believe he can be," said McDermott.