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Quick Hits: QB snaps with starters to include Allen going forward


It took all of two practices for Josh Allen to get a series with the starting unit at training camp. And though Allen had just one completion on three passes in his series of four plays Friday, which was a completion to LeSean McCoy out of the backfield, Allen will regularly rotate in with the ones going forward.

Head coach Sean McDermott confirmed Saturday morning that the rotation with the starting unit on offense will include all three quarterbacks for the foreseeable future. Whether Allen gets as many reps as Nathan Peterman and AJ McCarron remains to be seen.

Adjusting to the new targeting rules

As the pads go on for the first time this morning, there is a new adjustment for defensive players to make. Tacklers must now be conscious of the placement of their helmet on the body of a ball carrier so as not to draw a flag.

The new targeting rules state that players will be penalized if they lead with the crown of their helmets to initiate contact against an opponent on any play.

Offending players would be penalized 15 yards and may be disqualified depending on the severity of the hit.

"Player safety is always number one in what we do and teaching the right techniques," said McDermott. "We spend a lot of time in the offseason refining what we do in all areas, including fundamentals and technique. We talk about it in meetings about playing with the proper technique. Just because we put on the pads doesn't mean that we lose our fundamentals and technique. If anything, that has to be continually emphasized when the pads come on. It's an adjustment like a lot of the rule changes that as a team you better make.

"I think we'll see that emphasized early on and certainly throughout the year. We need to make that adjustment and we're going to work hard at it here in training camp."

John Hughes' role

Coach McDermott was pleased to add two veteran defensive players the caliber of LB Keenan Robinson and DT John Hughes right as training camp opened. Robinson has been running with the third team defense as he gets a handle on the scheme.

Hughes stepped right in for his first practice on Friday. McDermott outlined the plans for where he'll primarily line up.

"He'll start off at the one technique," said McDermott. "He's got some position flexibility, but we'll start him off at the one technique."

That means Hughes will be lining up on one side of the center. Essentially he's now in competition to be Star Lotulelei's backup.

"The important thing with John is the NFL experience," said McDermott. "The defensive tackle position alone is a very unselfish position. The people in our organization that we've had around John really know that's what he's all about. He's about freeing other people up to make plays. In the NFL in training camp you need depth on the lines, especially on the interior with the way training camp goes with bumps and bruises."

Photos from Day 2 of 2018 Bills Training Camp, presented by Connors and Ferris.