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Rookies pick their numbers, Watkins to wear 14


Sammy Watkins wants to make history in Buffalo. [



Just a few days after officially becoming a Bill, Watkins has already taken a small but calculated step in that direction by choosing to wear number 14 – a number never before worn in Bills history by a non-quarterback.

"I can make that my own, and make it a known number," said Watkins of his decision. "Hopefully I'll have some history with it."

Watkins most recently wore number 2 as he tore through the record books at Clemson, after wearing 7 in his high school days at South Fort Myers in Florida. So with Watkins feeling like his NFL dream is the literal product of every football factor to come before, the equation - 2 x 7= 14 - also makes sense.

"I just feel like you have to have your own legacy, and I want to start my legacy with number 14."

2014 #Bills draft class jersey numbers — billsequipment (@billsequipment) May 14, 2014

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