Ryan Fitzpatrick: "We have to develop a killer instinct"



Q: Just how tough is it to handle a loss like this?

A: It is really tough. I thought they come out (in the second half) and score right a way, we respond and score to take the lead. I thought our defense played great all day. We had some guys come in up front that I thought did a pretty good job. Hats off to St. Louis, especially their front four. I thought they were very good, very physical up there. They did a good job of stopping our run game. We had a hard time getting stuff going. That was the issue for us on offense, I think.

Q: Don't you get tired of standing on the sideline and watching it happen?

A: Yeah, we have to develop a killer instinct. We have to win those games if we want to be one of the teams that is sitting there at the end of the year getting ready for the playoffs. We have to be able to win games like this. As an offense we have to be able to put them away and we did not do it today.

Q: What was your take on the fourth down at the 34 where the field goal was called off and you guys punted. Did you think you should have gone for it?

A: All the coaching questions you guys always throw at me…I am behind Chan (Gailey) 100-percent. You will have to ask him about that.

Q: Do you felt like St. Louis came after you more than they have shown?

A: No, they are a team that showed they get after the passer. They came in with 35-plus sacks. Some of it is the blitzing. Some of it is the guys that have rushing the passer, but I knew it was a game I was going to get hit around a little bit just because of the talent on that side of the ball. I think I can do a better job of standing in there and throwing it a little better.

Q: What did you see from their run blitz? Did they overload the box?

A: It was what they have shown all year. A lot of it was they did a good job of shutting us down. I do not know if it was the one-on-one battles that they were winning, but they did a good job.

Q: How do you as the leader and the quarterback justify eight touches for RB C.J. Spiller?

A: It is one of those things, last week Fred (Jackson) was the guy that got more carries and went over 100. C.J. had the 44 yard run last week. I do not know how many Fred had compared to C.J., but I think more of the issue was them and the way that they were stopping our run.

Q: Back to the fourth down punt, do you have any chance to talk the coach out of that decision?

A: There is stuff and situations that Chan and I talk about all the time. Whether it is on the field or whether it is watching film, going through other teams and what teams are doing.  That situational awareness and the things that he makes the final decision as a coach, that is stuff that we always are talking about but he is the one, obviously, that has the ultimate decision. And I stand by him.

Q: Did this game remind you of the Tennessee game at all?

A: Kind of the last second or last two minute drive they go up and take the lead—yeah in that regard.  At the beginning it reminded me of the Cleveland game in terms of the offense needing to step up and get a drive. We responded to their score, but just were not able to get anything else going. We're not able to establish anything else at the end of the game there.

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