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Safety Donte Whitner - Postgame

Bills safety Donte Whitner

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On the Patriots scoring every time they had the football

It's very frustrating. We're not embarrassed. Things happen; games like this happen we just have to suck it up. We have six games to go until the playoffs so we have to play better.


On how much this loss hurts their pride

It doesn't hurt. It hurts to lose the football game, but our pride is still there and we'll come out next week and play hard and give ourselves and opportunity to win that football game. We made a lot of mistakes. We didn't have any turnovers and we didn't get off the football field.


On how hard this loss will be to shake off

No. We can't think like it's the Patriots and its okay. That's a losing mentality and we don't want that here. We wanted to win this football game, but they made a lot of plays out there. In the end they beat us.


On whether it was harder to get to Brady or cover their receivers

Their offensive line is playing great football right now. They don't want you to touch Tom Brady or even talk to him. It's harder to get to Brady than to cover their receivers. But we didn't do either and you saw the end result.



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