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Safety George Wilson - Postgame

Bills Safety George Wilson
On first New England touchdown when Randy Moss got behind him

I just stopped my feet and I saw (Tom) Brady role, I had (Wes) Welker inside of me in the seam and I had (Randy) Moss outside of me. I jumped the inside and broke the number one DB rule which is to stop moving your feet and that's exactly what I did. I saw the flight of the ball and I thought I had a shot at it cause it was pretty low, but as I went back and I jumped, the ball went over my hand and Moss was there in the endzone.  It was a tough way to start out on defense to give up, especially on third and long like it was.  We did such a good job getting them in their third and long situation, it's very disheartening for me to be that guy, because we pride ourselves on defense, no one wants to be that guy to let down the other teams guy and I was that guy on that first series.  It definitely hurt because we hadn't been hit like that in the past few weeks.  I don't think we allowed that play to necessarily affect us the rest of the game, but they just kept coming at us, kept coming at us, going for it on fourth down, converting.  They were making the plays they definitely were making more plays than we did tonight and the scoreboard is an indication of that. On seeing anyone beating New England

It'll be tough, you have to play an almost perfect game, because they bring their A-game every week.


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