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Schonert to be on sideline on Sundays

Oftentimes it's a decision that first time coordinators wrestle with through the course of the preseason. Is it better to be up in the booth during games to more effectively survey what's unfolding on the field, or am I best served to be on the sidelines with my players?

For Bills offensive coordinator Turk Schonert the decision was an easy one.

"I'm going to be downstairs," Schonert said.

Schonert started the preseason down on the sideline and decided to stay there for the rest of the exhibition schedule. That will now continue in the regular season.

"I like being down there," he said. "I like looking guys in the eye, talking to them communicating face to face and not over the phone. You get a better feel for the game I think being down there as opposed to being up in the box."

Set to spot things in the booth from the opposing defense that Schonert might from his vantage point on the sideline, will be tight ends coach Charlie Coiner and offensive quality control coach Nate Hackett. They will then relay it to him on the sideline through his headset.

Joining Schonert on the sideline will be quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt.

"He's been down the whole preseason," said Schonert of Van Pelt. "What I like is Alex is dealing with the coach to quarterback (issues) so I don't have to deal with that. I can just focus on calling the plays."

Trent Edwards likes the idea of having his coordinator and quarterbacks coach right there on the sideline to discuss things after a series on the field.

"I'd much rather have them both on the sideline," said Edwards. "It's easier communicating than over the phone. I think they'll be able to see things maybe a little bit better on the sidelines than if Turk is up in the booth calling plays. I think that will help out a lot."

Other offensive players also like that Schonert will be within arm's reach between possessions to provide him direct input and some suggestions.

"Turk is open to that," said Lee Evans. "He was like that as the quarterbacks coach. He's open to talking to players and even asks you sometimes, 'What do you like against this, this route or this route?' The communication is there and that really gives us a chance."

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