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Season ticket holders celebrate Bills themed wedding

I'm sure you've been to a wedding, maybe a few, but have you been to a Bills themed wedding? Possibly one of your friends or family members had a Bills cake at their wedding, or a charging Buffalo ice sculpture, but was EVERYTHING decorated Bills?

Chances are no. Meet Brad and Lisa Simcoe, newlyweds and die hard, down to the bone Bills fans. The Simcoe's have been season ticket holders for over eight years, and when they decided to get hitched, they thought of no other wedding theme than Buffalo Bills style.

"We planned on getting married for a while," said Brad Simcoe. "We were just waiting for the right time. When we finally decided to do it, I thought of the idea. Everything we do goes to the Bills. She was on board, and before you know it, it was a Bills wedding."

With six months to plan, the Simcoes had no time to waste. Lisa and her father thought of it all. The Simcoe's replaced tuxedos with Bills jerseys. That was the first step. Next came the invitations, which were made to look like a ticket to a Bills game.

"Our invitations were tickets," said Lisa. "It started as a basic ticket, but we added more detail. We made the bottom rip off and I used a sewing machine to get the perforation."

Of course, one of the best wedding traditions is the cake, and this cake was no other than a replica of Ralph Wilson Stadium, equipped with sponsor logos, a scoreboard and the bride and groom.

Instead of a traditional guest book, the Simcoe's chose using a Bills jersey for the main guestbook platform. Lisa and Brad laugh telling that many of their guests were afraid to sign the jersey.

"They were scared to sign it at first until other people signed it," said Lisa.

What's a wedding without the shout song? Every hour, on the hour, the Simcoe's had their DJ play the shout song, and provided "rally towels" to their guests to wave in the air. The shout song attracted even Bills fans from other weddings that were taking place at the same venue.

"There were two other weddings going on at the same time," Brad told "Everyone wanted to come to our wedding, because we were having so much fun in there. I said, 'Sure, why not?'"

The Simcoe wedding is one their guests surely won't forget. So, what's for the honeymoon? For the last few months, the family has remodeled their entire basement to a Bills basement. Bills colors on the walls, turf stairs, a bar, and memorabilia line the Simcoe basement. Their Bills basement is a great place for them to spend family time and entertain friends.

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