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Season Ticket Member of the Game – Week 2 

Season Ticket Member of the Game John Nussbaumer (left) and his son, John “Josh” Nussbaumer (right).
Season Ticket Member of the Game John Nussbaumer (left) and his son, John “Josh” Nussbaumer (right).

There's little that longtime Bills Season Ticket Member John Nussbaumer is more passionate about than his family and the Buffalo Bills. An original Season Ticket Member, Nussbaumer has viewed Bills games as an opportunity to spend quality time with his loved ones since 1960.

When he and his father purchased season tickets during the team's inaugural season, he knew that he had found something truly special. Not only was he getting a chance to cheer on his hometown team, he was making memories that he would cherish for a lifetime. Over the years, Nussbaumer has taken pride in his Bills fandom and still finds excitement in each Bills game. 

"Whenever it comes to the Buffalo Bills, I'm excited. I don't care what kind of season we've had, I'm still excited," he explained. "We have about 25-30 of us who go to every game. My son…is one of them and then my grandson …We all go to the games and it's a special day for me because it's a nice time to be able to be out there with them, plus all of my friends and new friends every game that show up."

Nussbaumer has been there for the Bills through it all and still fondly recalls some of his favorite games.

Photos of Bills fans at the team's 2018 home opener against the Los Angeles Chargers. Say Cheese is presented by Yancey's Fancy.

"As far as games go, the big Houston Comeback was a great game," he said. "I was there with my son. Also, the game against the Raiders, which was when we won 51-3 to send us to the first Super Bowl, were two primary games that… I'll never forget. They were terrific."

He's also enjoyed watching many different players take the field for the Bills, including Bills Legends Cookie Gilchrist and Elbert Dubenion. For Nussbaumer, however, there is no one quite like Hall of Fame wide receiver, James Lofton.

"James Lofton is my all-time favorite," he said. " [One time] my son [who worked for a sports and entertainment company and was assigned to help with NFL alumni at Super Bowl XL] was driving James from the airport to [attend] the Super Bowl in Detroit [when] my phone rang, and James said to me, not knowing who it was, 'John, how are you?'…It was James Lofton and we had a nice conversation for about 20 minutes on the telephone. The guy is such a quality person. He was a quality player. He was one of the best players that ever played for the Buffalo Bills as far as I'm concerned. "

Nussbaumer, who was humbled and grateful when he found out his son had nominated him to be the Season Ticket Member of the Game at the Bills 2018 home opener, took the time to explain what he loves most about game days at New Era Field.

"I think that because I love the Bills so much, it's getting out to the stadium, particularly with my son who is 48 years old and he's been going since he was five years old with me," said Nussbaumer. "Getting out to the games, seeing the people there [is what I love]. I sit still with a lot of the same people who were original Season Ticket Members, well the sons of the original Season Ticket Members, [and] my son's friends – they're all right there. We have such a wonderful time at the stadium and I wouldn't miss it for anything."

Throughout his time as a Bills Season Ticket Member, Nussbaumer has also come to enjoy the perks associated with his membership.

"I give [my Bills Bucks Card] to my son. He is such a big part of me enjoying the game it's incredible…But just being a part of everything [is great] and everything that the Bills send, as far as Season Ticket Members go, that are sort of a bonus at the beginning of each year, I appreciate it and we take advantage of. Particularly, my cushioned seats that I have now, which I really like."

The Buffalo Bills would like to thank John for his many years of being a loyal Bills Season Ticket Member and our Season Ticket Member of the Game. In addition to John being selected as a Season Ticket Member of the Game, he received a club seat upgrade at the Chargers vs. Bills matchup on Sunday, Sept.16, an autographed item and select Bills merchandise.

If you would like to nominate a Season Ticket Member of the Game, please fill out the form located here.