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Simms' Super Bowl show features Don Beebe, Leon Lett


CBS Sports lead NFL analyst, New York Giants Super Bowl XXI MVP and 15-year NFL veteran Phil Simms, along with his play-by-play partner, Jim Nantz host a true football lovers show in unveiling the PHIL SIMMS ALL-IRON TEAM: SUPER BOWL EDITION on Sunday, Feb.3 (1-2 p.m. ET), prior to THE SUPER BOWL TODAY on the CBS Television Network.

The one-hour show features an unprecedented reunion for the first time ever of Bills WR Don Beebe and Dallas Cowboys DL Leon Lett, who shared in one of the most memorable plays in Super Bowl lore. With the Cowboys leading 52-17, Lett scooped up a fumble and rambled towards the end zone and a sure touchdown. But a hustling Beebe, praised later by owner Ralph Wilson Jr. for his effort, sprinted 90 yards and jarred the ball free from Lett on th goal line, resulting in a touchback for Buffalo.

Hosted from New Orleans, La., home of Super Bowl XLVII, this year's All-Iron Team highlights the greatest moments, stories and performances in Super Bowl history and the players that make up those moments. Simms counts down many of his favorite moments, including the top Catches, Blunders, Gambles and Runs in the history of the biggest game in sports. He also delves deep into the history of the game, and tells the little known stories of the top assistant coaches, most unlikely heroes, players who should have been MVP, and the best teams never to win the Lombardi Trophy. Some of these great stories are told by the players and coaches themselves including Bill Belichick, John Elway and Sean Payton.

The All-Iron Team trophy is an old fashion cast "iron" signifying Simms' obsession with ironing. According to Simms' mom, Barbara, "As a child Phil even ironed his football and baseball uniforms." To this day, he is still committed to his creases.

Steve Karasik produces and Pete Radovich directs. Mark Wolff is Coordinating Producer of the All-Iron Team.

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