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Smerlas: Would Have Been A Bill Forever

It's obvious after listening to Fred Smerlas for about 30 seconds that his personality is about as big as his frame.  The former Bills defensive tackle had glowing remarks about the city and people of Buffalo, saying if he had his way he would have stayed forever.  Smerlas had equally positive words for the current squad, saying they have a lot of tools, they're really good and should make a lot of noise this year.  Being a Boston resident, he gets a good look at the Patriots, and says he can't figure out what they're doing with Rob Gronkowski.  "The guy has fingers as big as my arm and can catch anything, so why is he blocking so much?"

The Bills currently have one Special Teams captain and, that's Corey McIntyre.  He came on the John Murphy Show, also, and shared his thoughts about the release of Brian Moorman.  He said it's hard to believe Brian isn't here anymore, and it's really hard on the guys to see a 12 year vet gone just like that.  Being a first year captain, Corey takes great pride in the selection from his teammates, and loves teaching the younger players some of the lessons he's learned over the years.  McIntyre does say, however, that as much as it's an honor, he would play the same way regardless if there were a "C" on his jersey or not.  When asked if he minds seeing more special teams snaps than on offense, Corey said as long as he gets to hit someone he's ok with it.

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