Spikes: "I'm happy and I'm ready to go to work"

LB Brandon Spikes

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Q: How does it feel to be in Buffalo?
A: It feels great. This is a great place and it's a great organization. The fan base is wonderful, everything just feel great about this. I'm happy and I'm ready to get to work.

Q: What was your perception about the Bills when you were with the Patriots?
A: I did, I always competed against those guys. It's kind of weird being on the opposite and now I'm with them. I always thought they had a lot of great players and they played hard. They were just missing something, so I'm here and I know a lot of people play with a lot of attitude and however I can contribute, I am all in. I'm happy to be here.

Q: You haven't been afraid to engage with fans on Twitter.
A: This is a free country and that is what twitter is for. I use it to interact with my fans. I feel like if it was vice versa I'd want them to reach out to me. It's just fun, you can make a guy's day and I get a kick out of it.

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