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Spiller and Chandler: 2012 goal is Super Bowl

There was a common theme among our two player guests tonight: the goal is to win the Super Bowl this year.  Why wouldn't it be?  As Bills tight end Scott Chandler put it, "Teams don't have 3-4 years to build anymore.  You need to just go out and do it.  Why not this year?"  Chandler also recounted the story of how he came to be at this point, and why it made the season opener last year in Kansas City that much more sweet when he pulled in two touchdowns.

C.J. Spiller, or Clifford Jr, echoed his teammate's statement on winning a championship this year.  He believes with himself and Fred Jackson in the backfield, combined with all of the great receiving threats, the Bills should be a potent offense.  Spiller talked about how Fred Jackson would have been a top 3 running back last year if not for his injury, but when it was his turn he was ready because C.J. had been preparing as though he were the starter all year long.

For the second night in a row, a Western New York native who now covers the Steelers came on the John Murphy Show.  Joe Starkey from Amherst not writes for the Pittsburgh Tribune Review,  He talked about the sudden, surprising firing of Steelers special teams coordinator Al Everest, and said it makes no sense to anyone covering the team.  Mike Tomlin has had a history of not seeing eye-to-eye with his special teams coaches, but Everest actually had improved their coverage teams quite a bit in his time there.  Starkey's speculation is that there were internal problems, a.k.a. personal disagreements.

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