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Spiller in familiar territory


On how difficult it is to lose Fred Jackson:**
"It's very difficult. He's a playmaker, but more important he's a great friend and you hate to see that happen to a guy especially the way he got injured last year and then battling back and to get hurt this year and have to battle back. Now this happens. You hate it for him as a friend, but as an offense we're definitely going to miss him because he brings so much to our team."

On having taken up for Fred before: 
"This is familiar territory to me. I'm not worried about how many times I touch it. Like I said I'm just from here on out just worried about wins. Everybody is concerned about whether I can touch it 25 times, but at the end of the day if I do that and we lose that means nothing. I'm just trying to help my team win so we can experience what it's like to play in the playoffs."

On holding up to the pounding:
"The answer is because we have two great running backs with me and Fred and when you have that you're most likely not going to touch it 25 times. I knew that coming into the season, Coach Gailey told us we weren't going to touch it as much as we want. So now whenever you get the opportunity you just make the most of it. When you've got two great guys it's best for the team because you keep the defense honest and you keep each other healthy throughout the season, which is a long season."

On having a big game against the Dolphins last year:
"I did, but that was last year and these guys want to be ready for me. They're definitely going to have a lot of eyes watching me. But I think if we have a great week starting with tonight and leading up to Thursday I think we'll be fine. I know my offensive line they're excited. We're excited we put up 480 something yards against a great team, but came up short. So we know that we can make plays we've just got to find a way to make that extra one."

On if any doubt exists that he could handle 25-30 touches:
"I don't doubt myself at all. I know I can do it. I did it in college. I touched it 20-something times, probably not week in and week out, but I did. I'm not concerned about, will he get overworked. That's why I put all that work in during the offseason."

"When you're running it good it's a credit to both you and the offensive line because those guys are firing off getting on their blocks and everybody is doing a great job of downfield blocking and making the job a whole lot easier for the running back. You want to do that because it shows what type of offense you are and it opens up everything else. We saw that yesterday, it definitely opened up our passing game. Guys were making plays down the field. We'll be looking forward to it, looking forward to the game plan and see what we've got dialed up for these guys. Another tough game, but we'll be ready."

On Patriots LB Brandon Spikes showboating:
"He did it when we played here. I'm not going to get into a bickering war with Brandon Spikes. He's a great player and I told him that, you don't have to do certain things to be a great player, but at the same time I'm not going to get into an exchange with Brandon Spikes. He's my least concern. My main concern is how can I be effective come Thursday night."

On his shoulder:
"It's 100 percent I'm ready to rock and roll." On if he was open on the Bills final play:
"I don't really want to speculate if he would've thrown it to me would I have scored? What would've happened? You can't do that. I can only stand behind my quarterback and trust what he saw. There was a reason he threw the ball where he threw the ball. If he would've thrown it over and T.J. caught it then we wouldn't be answering this question. I wasn't worried there weren't any timeouts so I have to be more aware in that game situation knowing if I get tackled we have to rush to the line and spike the ball so the time doesn't run out. I'm not going to get into the speculation game."

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