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Spiller still hopeful for Thursday night


C.J. Spiller isn't expecting his injured ankle to be 100 percent Thursday night. Just being 80-85 percent will be enough in his mind to play against the Browns. After Tuesday's practice Spiller was encouraged, but not convinced he'll be ready to play.

"We're going to be smart," said Spiller. "We've still got two days. (Wednesday) will be a big day we'll see how the reaction will be and then I'll get out there Thursday and test it out and if I can go I'll go. If I can't then I can't. But my discussion hasn't been anything about coming back too early and damaging it or anything like that. I'm a competitor and I want to be out there, but we'll see how it goes."

Spiller participated in the team's walk through prior to the start of practice and did some straight line drills during individual position drills. Officially he was listed as a non-participant, but his light workload on Tuesday all went according to plan.

"We were right on schedule to do what we were supposed to do, what we had planned," Spiller said. "Do some jogging, some moving around and try to get some energy into it and just go from there. It wasn't a plan for me to come in and have a full day's practice. Come in just move around and start to get my body back to moving because I haven't done that since Sunday."

Head coach Doug Marrone was satisfied just to see Spiller making the effort to work his way back from the injury that kept him from finishing last Sunday's game.

"There really was not a lot of swelling. It's a situation where it's really day to day," Marrone said. "I'll really know more on it (Wednesday). The signs that I look for as a coach are encouraging. He's out there working and trying to get back and that's all you can ask for from a player."

Spiller intends to work around the clock with respect to treatment and rest for his ailing ankle right up until Thursday night.

"I've been able to get about four treatments in (Tuesday) and I do some stuff at home," he said. "I'm going to do everything I can to try and play and that's what I'm doing."

On Monday Spiller indicated that if the game were on Sunday he'd definitely be good to play, but the short week may compromise his chances. A big part of Buffalo's second-ranked rushing attack, the Bills need to get production in their run game to take the pressure off rookie quarterback EJ Manuel in what is expected to be a hostile road atmosphere with or without Spiller.

"Of course it'll be disappointing if I don't play," he said. "Anytime that I'm not out there to help my team win it's disappointing. As a competitor you want to be out there. You want to be able to help your team so I'm pretty sure the Browns are not going to feel sorry if I'm not out there, and our team they have to move on.

"This is a big game for us. For everybody to see what type of team we have in these guys' house and these guys are going to be jacked up. I have all the confidence in the world that we'll be ready to go."

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