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Statement from Ralph Wilson, Jr.

I am so very saddened to hear of the passing of Kent Hull.

Kent was a terrific player for us, who was often overshadowed by some of the bigger names we had in our Super Bowl years.  But Kent was one of the key components of our team and of our high-powered offenses in the 90's that enjoyed so much success. 

But he was so much more than just a good player on a good team. He was a great leader on and off the field and respected by everyone who knew him. He was a true gentleman who was as nice as anyone you'd ever want to meet and as tough as any player I've ever known. If you were lucky enough to have Kent as a friend, you had a cherished friend for life.

This is a sad day for me and all of us in the Bills organization as well as all of our fans. I will miss Kent very much, but will always remember fondly the great man and great player that he was.

I want to offer my deepest sympathies to his wife Kay and his entire family in this most difficult time.

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