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Stevie Johnson: "Hopefully that will spark us"



Q: How is your hamstring?

A: It is tight. That is all it is. I think we are going to get some work on it and be back next week.

Q: Was it the play where you kind of laid down in the end zone?

A: Yeah, the play right before the touchdown. I kind of got hit and then I felt it. Then on the touchdown, I felt it when I made the cut and afterwards it was like if I go out there again I think it will end up pulling it or something.

Q: But it was not a full pull?

A: No, not a full pull. That is why I ended up coming out.

Q: So you are able to gauge that and you don't think you will be missing any time?

A: No, no. Just a lot of work and then we will get back after these Rams.

Q: You must be glad to see a good effort all the way around, but kind of wonder "why didn't we do this the last month or so?"

A: Yeah, I mean it is what it is. Everything in the past has happened already. What we can control is these next games and that is pretty much what we have on our mind. We got this first win. Now we have to double it up and continue with our next team. We know we need help, obviously, but if we continue to do our job then our chances of being in the playoffs are more likely to happen.

Q: Talk about the touchdown play.

A: It was all (QB Ryan Fitzpatrick) Fitz. I made the cut and the ball was just placed perfectly in front of me. It was a simple throw and catch.

Q: Did it feel good to be back in the end zone? It has been a while – 5 weeks.

A: It feels good to win. Me scoring is cool and all, but just to win feels good. Hopefully that will spark us for the rest of the season.

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