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Stevie Johnson: "I'm ready to move on to the Jaguars"


WR Stevie Johnson**

Monday, November 26, 2012

Q: What are your thoughts about your comments yesterday?

A: I am good with it. I am ready to move onto the next team and that is the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Q: It was construed that you were questioning Coach Gailey's play calling ability. Was that your intent?

A: The intent was more so audible. I did not mean changing play calling duties and all of that. I may have said it, but what I mean to say was audible. Giving (Ryan Fitzpatrick) the ability to audible a little bit more.

Q: QB Ryan Fitzpatrick claims he has plenty of room in the offense to do that type of thing. Do you disagree with that?

A: I would not know what the conversation they are having. I said what I said and what ended up coming out was me talking about play calling. It was really about audible.

Q: Part of your comment also seems a little bit tempo based and we have not seen you use the no-huddle a whole lot when you are sputtering a little bit—which was the case yesterday.

A: Yeah. My issue is not even no-huddle. It is not even that deep. When I even say to make audibles, that is not even just to throw the ball. Even with runs. When you are back there you see what the defenders are doing and all of that. Maybe we check it into a draw play for C.J. (Spiller) or what not. That is the basis of it. It was not even turning to no-huddle or do the two-minute drill. It was not even that deep. It was just simply making an audible.  

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