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Stevie Johnson: "It's an ugly loss"



Q:  Were the touchdowns on the first two Seattle drives too difficult to come back from?

A:  It's tough, but that's how it is sometimes.  Sometimes we're the ones jumping out on other teams, this week the Seahawks jumped out on us and it was too hard to get back.

Q:  Did the team believe they could come back and win at halftime?

A:  Yeah, definitely.  I believe we ended up being down 10, we got the ball coming back so we felt confident, we go down and score it can still be our game.  Things didn't go right for us, that's how it went this game.

Q:  What were the issues offensively?

A:  I don't know, I've got to just say maybe pressure.  I feel like they play a lot of man, and we had opportunities to make plays, but when it was there, we made some of them but it just wasn't enough with how they were putting up points.

Q:  How close were you connecting on the deep balls?

A:  Yeah, it was that close.  We've just got to keep working on it.  We've got to keep working on it and hopefully it will change in Miami.

Q:  How does the team respond with only two games left and no playoffs?

A:  Coach said it's about playing for pride now.  It isn't adjustments (or anything).  Forget all that, it's just football now.  We got to go out and play football, no playoffs but we've got to go down to Miami and get this win.

Q:  What is the mental state of the team right now, and will the next two weeks decide who will be here next year?

A:  What kind of man are you at the end of the day?  Whether its playoffs or no playoffs, what kind of man are you?  Do you play this game for the money or do you play this game for the competition?  We'll see what happens these next couple weeks. 

Q:  It seemed the team was frustrated most of the game, what was the mood of the team during the game?

A:  I guess if you look back at it, it's an ugly loss of course.  We still had action, even with all the things that happened in the game and with the Seahawks making plays, we still had action there coming back. 

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