Stevie Johnson: "It's pretty much us against the world"


WR Stevie Johnson **Training Camp Practice – July, 28, 2013

Q: How did you feel under the lights with all the fans out here?A: I felt good just being out here with my guys. Everybody looked good. We came out here, worked and played fast for the first day. I think the fans enjoyed it and we just got to build from here.

Q: Does it matter to you guys when a decision is made about who the starting quarterback is?A: Not really because the tempo that we're playing, we pretty much get a mix with both quarterbacks. I think it's on us as professionals to work that mix and whoever the coaches pick to play QB, then we'll just roll with that.

Q: What did you see out of the two quarterbacks (Kevin Kolb and EJ Manuel) tonight?A: They both made passes that were pretty good, some on the sideline. They read the defense pretty well but at the same time our defense was on point also. I think we're just getting better and we just have to work our way up from here.

Q: It seemed that everyone was pretty hyped up. Did it seem that way to you?A: Yeah, that's the intensity that the coaches bring out here. They brought that here. They challenged us and we've just been challenging the DBs and it's fun. You got to make it fun and compete with each other. We're out there talking trash and getting stuff going because it is pretty much us against the world and that's how we feel right now. So we go out there and compete with each other and then take on the world when the season starts.

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