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Stevie Johnson: "It's time to turn it around"


WR Stevie Johnson **

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Q: Stevie you say that there are no moral victories but the way you played these last two teams maybe two of the best in the AFC a lot of improvement from the way you lost games early in the season when games were done by half time. Do take anything from that do you build off that at all?

A: You can I mean yeah, we can build off of that but we need to get wins forget the whole 'we played well, we got first downs, we scored this many points.' If you don't win the game then it really doesn't matter that is pretty much the attitude that I have and hopefully everyone else around the locker room has.

Q: Turnaround has to start Thursday night.

A: It has to.  Definitely you are right about that. If we want to make this push this is the game that it has to start on. We hoped that it would have started last week or the week before that but it is what it is and Thursday we have the Miami Dolphins coming in, a division opponent and if we want to get to the playoffs we have to win this game and win on out.

Q: Raw emotion from a lot of people but for yourself at the end of the New England game obviously a little frustration there can you talk about that? A: Yeah, it's frustrating because we played these guys the New England Patriots. We always go up and they end up coming back and winning. It's not just one time it's been like three times that this happened and we get in a situation where we go out in New England. We need to win these games and they go up 17 or what not and we come back and then we end up losing. It's frustrating; it's like come on man we talk a lot about turning the corner and trying to be that team. We got a great team in this locker room and when you look at it on paper yes it is great and all that, but we are still getting losses. I was just frustrated and hopefully nobody took it the wrong way in this locker room. It's time to turn it around.

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