Stevie Johnson on the playoffs: "Why not now? Why not us?"


WR Stevie Johnson**

Q: Another training camp for you. How different is it this year compared to other years and why?

A: As far as right now goes, it's all the same. We are excited, I'm sure everyone is excited to be here. We're all motivated. What's different now is I'm not as happy about being at training camp now; I'm trying to make a team. Now I'm thinking about making the playoffs.

Q: How realistic is a goal of making the playoffs?

A: It's very realistic. I feel like we have the team to make that move and I believe in that. Why not now? Why not us? We're going to make it happen.

Q: How are you feeling health wise?

A: I'm feeling good. Good to go. Everything is full go. Got to get it rolling and make sure we're smart about it. Take care of our bodies and it's going to be an important training camp for all of us, every position. As long as we get things meshing and get on the right track, we should be alright.

Q: You've been injured before in camp, what will you be doing to prevent that?

A: If I get hurt, as long as it stays in training camp. Once the season goes, we can do it. If I do get injured, oh well. Let's get them out of the way early and be full go during the season.

Q: There's a big gap between six wins and the playoffs. What do you have to do?

A: We just have to finish, finish in the games. We had a few games where if we were to finish out much stronger than we did, that gap would be much easier to get to as far as playoffs. We just have to finish.

Q: What are your feelings on S Jairus Byrd not being at camp?

A: Obviously I think he's a valuable piece. As a player I respect it. Jairus makes plays; he's shown it his entire career here. That's the business side of it. I can't do anything about that. That's between him, his agent and the Buffalo Bills.

Q: There are a lot of veterans that are no longer with the team. Do you see more competition for jobs across the roster than before?

A: Those guys aren't here, but the new veterans are. I'm considered a veteran now. I can't really think too much about who we don't have. I got to ride with who we have here at camp. My position is just as important as the next guy. As important as the undrafted guy on the Buffalo Bills. As far as positions and competition, everybody is eating. Everybody is hungry to be on that field. I've said it a couple of times, I started as a seventh round pick. It doesn't matter who it is, if you're first round, seventh or undrafted. You come in here, fight and get the right team on that field.

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