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Stevie Johnson: "We had the game"



Q: We've asked you this before but does this feel like another missed opportunity for you guys?

A: Yeah, that's what it was, a missed opportunity out there. We had the game and then (St. Louis) came back and they wanted it more, I guess, and they won.

Q: You've got a guy in RB CJ Spiller who has proven time and again to be one of the more electrifying players in the league, and with just eight touches today. From an offensive perspective is there some frustration there for the offense as a whole?

A:That's just how it went, the touches and all that, catches and everything that's just how the game went. It's how our offense was going. We had the lead the entire game and when it counted the most (St. Louis) ended up making the plays and we didn't.

Q: (Spiller) was not out there when it did count the most; would you like to see him out there?

A: It doesn't matter who's out there, we have confidence in all our guys. We think all our guys can make the plays that CJ can make, Freddie (Fred Jackson) can make and myself. It didn't matter who was out there I think anybody could have made the plays.

Q: When you say they wanted it more, that can't sit too well.

A: When you've got the lead the entire game and when it comes down to a minute left, it basically comes down to who wants it more and who's going to make the play. Maybe they did, maybe they didn't but they ended up making the plays and getting the win.

Q: What do you think they did defensively?

A: Nothing, they didn't do anything defensively. We should have destroyed their cornerbacks. That's how the game played out.

Q: What do you make of the decision at the end of the first half to let time evaporate then eventually kick a field goal on third down with eleven seconds to go?

A: Who knows what would have happened. I feel like he made that decision. We ended up getting three points out of it. Who knows, maybe we go for it and then end up fumbling or getting picked off then we don't get any points. The decision was made and we go with it.

Q: Do you still have confidence in Coach Gailey the way calls are being made, his management of the clock and decisions?

A: Definitely.

Q: What did (Gailey) say in here after the game?

A: We've just got to make plays. We've got to be the team to make the plays throughout the entire game and not have a lapse. It seems like we did that for the first, second, third, and fourth but at the end they (St. Louis) ended up making the plays more than we did.

Q: One third down play, the one that came to you, was it coming in a little hot?

A: Yeah, it was a play that we ran in practice that I made in practice, but in the game I didn't make it. That's one of the plays we've got to make. I put all the blame on myself on that play. That could have given us a first down and who knows for the rest of the drive, so put that on me.

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