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Stevie Johnson: "We're going to have attitude"


WR Stevie Johnson**

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Q: Have you talked much with OC Nathanial Hackett and what are your thoughts about what the offense might look like?

A: I have not talked to him. I have to go have a one-on-one meeting with him after this, but just like what I said when Coach Marrone was talking, everybody introduced themselves and we had our offensive meeting—the energy, I like the energy. He could have been the same blah, blah, blah—but it was up-tempo. It felt good to me. I am pretty sure the vibes were throughout the room as well. We are going to be up-tempo and have attitude. Like I said about Coach Marrone, it was refreshing just to see that.

Q: After losing WR Donald Jones and WR David Nelson, what gives you confidence that this team can hit the ground running?

A: Because this staff has a plan. There were guys out there. Everybody saw me saying, 'We have this guy or that guy out there in free agency.' We did not jump on anybody. That just goes to show we have a plan. They know the guys that they want. They are not just going to get anybody. I believe in what they are doing. We will either wait till the draft or take our time to pick who we really want. That is why I believe that it will work. On the hand, I believe it is going to work because I am here. I feel like my attitude is going to be on a whole (different) level. You have to be better every year and I feel like I can take the team to another level as well along with other guys.

Q: There is a perception out there that this team is in rebuilding mode. A: It is easy to say that because if you do not go to the playoffs you are pretty much rebuilding. That is pretty much how I see it, too. It is black-and-white. If you do not make it to the playoffs, you somehow have to build your team up to get there the next season. We will see what happens when the end of this season comes and if we are in the playoffs or not.

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