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Stevie Johnson: "We wanted to get to the playoffs"



Q: On surpassing the 1,000 yard mark:

A: When we started the season off, we wanted to get to the playoffs and have a playoff  berth. It didn't end up that way, so it's pretty weak as far as that goes. Winning our last game and going out with a win against the New York Jets is even better.

Q: Do you ask yourself why couldn't you play a complete game more often?

A: Yes, definitely. It just took some time. When we were clicking on offense, it's like the defense was trying to catch up. Later on in the season when the defense started clicking, we were trying to catch up with them. Today was one of those times where we just meshed with each other as far as offense, defense and special teams. I guess it just takes time. Hopefully everything will come back next year and we end up how we did this last game.

Q: Did you guys make halftime adjustments on offense?

A: It was just time, we probably only had four offensive series in that first half. You know how that goes. On the first drive, you have to get it going. We came back on offense in the second half and we settled down and got back to our game plan.  

Q: Now that's it over, is this the most disappointing season out of the last three years?

A: I guess I say it's all the same, because we didn't make the playoffs and we didn't go to the Super Bowl. I don't understand why one is worse than the other. I guess we have to continue to work. We have to have bigger goals. When we started the season, we can't be going into games saying, "maybe this will be the one". We have to be "this will be the one" mindset. A lot of the guys learned that including myself, but it was a little too late.

Q: What do you think are the pluses and misuses of a new change?

A:There is going to be change and we know that. There is no team that is going to stay the same in the entire NFL. So we know there is going to be change but hopefully, I think we will have the same staff here. Like I said, it was a matter of getting the defense on the same level. It took time, and it was too late so I think it was a learning season. It took a while to get comfortable with each other and we are comfortable now. Hopefully we will have the same staff.

Q: Why would you like the staff back?

A: It is personal reasons and as far as the playbook goes. Me being an offensive player, it is a great offense, great playbook to be playing under. Personal reason is opportunity. Coach gave me an opportunity here. I don't have to elaborate too much more because you all know. That's why I want to be the staff here and turn it around with them.

Q: Did you make any personal plea to the staff and Owner Ralph Wilson?

A:No, this is kind of my personal plea now so hopefully they are listening and give us one more go.

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