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Stevie says he's playing Sunday


Stevie Johnson left Sunday's game with a tight hamstring after scoring on one of his two receptions in Buffalo's 34-18 victory. On Monday Johnson made his own prognosis on the injury. He will play on Sunday.

"It's just tightness in the hamstring. I'll be cool for Sunday," said Johnson. "I'll just get the treatment and be back on the field. It's the same (as Sunday) just tender. It's nothing serious. Nothing pulled, nothing popped, just tightness in the hamstring. So I'll be cool."

Johnson said he first felt tightness in the hamstring during the practice week leading up to the Jacksonville game, but he doesn't see it keeping him from playing this weekend against the Rams.

"I'm just getting the treatment, ice and (electronic) stim(ulation). I'll do that for the rest of the week and I'm sure I'll be out there on Sunday," he said.

Head coach Chan Gailey is also encouraged that Johnson will be back in the lineup Sunday, though he might miss a day or two of practice this week.

"It sounded like he'll be able to go (Sunday)," said Gailey. "Probably not Wednesday, maybe Thursday and be able to get through it. We'll see how good he can move Thursday and Friday and make a decision."

"Personally I'm not really worried at all," said Johnson. "I know I'll be out there on Sunday even if it was worse than what it is now. I'm not really worried about it."

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