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Sunday best: Bills talk travel fashion

The worlds of fashion and football may not have much in common at first glance. But look a little deeper and you???ll find that modern athletes lean increasingly towards the fashion-forward.

The worlds of fashion and football may not have much in common at first glance. But look a little deeper and you'll find that modern athletes lean increasingly towards the fashion-forward. And with some teams (the Bills included) requiring players to travel in suits or other business attire, it's no surprise that gameday locker rooms could be mistaken for runways as players show off their favorite trends.

While wearing fine clothes can certainly inspire a certain moxy - look good, feel good, play good, or so the thinking goes - we caught up with Aaron Williams, Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller to get their thoughts on style, fashion, and dressing their dapper best.



For the ever-confident Williams, head-turning style isn't just a personal decision, but something that comes along with the position he plays. "I'm a defensive back, and DBs always have to look good wherever they go."

"We have to look the most fly, we have to look the prettiest. It's kind of the expectation - that's what I learned from other DBs. That's the main reason why I get dressed up."



After spending several years in Europe early in his football career, what does Fred Jackson have to say when it comes to advice on the team's travel attire?

"I'm like the worst person you could ask," he said with a laugh. "I don't like suits at all. I'm a sweatshirt and sweat pants type of guy. If it was up to me, that's what I would travel in."

Instead, Jackson takes a different approach - calling in the experts to let them go to work.

"I'll go into my store and ask them, 'What's the latest look?' and then I tell them to make me look good."



"I started in my college days and it's transitioned into the NFL," says Spiller of his trendy travel duds. "I saw that was how guys travelled when I came into the league and I knew that's how I wanted to do it."

"Every suit I pick out pretty much reflects who I am as a person, from character to confidence."



Fred Jackson: "Aaron Williams is usually pretty good, but don't tell him I said that. It's usually between him and C.J., they both do a good job."

Aaron Williams: "You mean the second-best dressed [after me]!? I'll have to go with my fellow DB, 24, Stephon Gilmore, or Leodis McKelvin. They have some fly suits on game day."

C.J. Spiller: "Marquise [Goodwin] dresses well … either him or EJ Manuel."


"My necklace with grandmother's initials on it, that's about the only special thing [I wear]. Everything else is just accessories, but the necklace is the most important thing - I always make sure that I don't leave without it."– C.J. Spiller

"I have a watch that I like to wear. I try to put it into every outfit that I put on." –Fred Jackson


"The first rule of getting dressed up is that your tie has to be on point. Your shoes have to be on point. If you're going to wear a watch, make sure it works with the suit." – Aaron Williams

"Let your fashion reflect who you are, don't try to go beyond your means." – C.J. Spiller

"Work with whatever works for you, personality wise. Don't try to copy other people, pick out your own style." – Aaron Williams

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