Wannstedt: Defense Will Be More Physical

In the two games the Bills have played so far this season, the defense has looked like night and day.  Defensive coordinator Dave Wannstedt explained on the John Murphy Show tonight that against the Jets they never felt like they got into a good rhythm defensively.  He took a lot of pride in the way his unit stepped up against the Chiefs, not only because of the sacks and turnovers, but because of the fact that they didn't allow a pass over 40 yards.  He also shared with us his weekly ritual, as well as his philosophy that he would rather "do something better than the opponent rather than do something more than the opponent."

We got another look at the defense from the field level this time from second-year corner back Justin Rogers.  The Bills drafted him in the seventh round last year and now he is virtually a starter as the corner in the nickel package.  Rogers says to help improves his odds he put on 8-10 pounds of muscle so he can be more physical.  One of his other roles on the team is as a kick returner, which Rogers looks forward to since he doesn't get his hands on the ball as often in the secondary.

Daniel Jeremiah from NFL.com joined the show to share his thoughts on the league and the Bills.  He says while everyone was thinking the Saints offense would be fine without Sean Payton no one was paying attention to how poor their defense was going to be, hence their 0-2 record.  Jeremiah also commented on all of the young quarterbacks starting in the league, saying that for starters the talent level coming out is higher than it has been in the past, but also a young QB=hope.  As for the Bills, Daniel says he believes in the defense and the strong running game, but still needs to see more from Ryan Fitzpatrick.  As long as the Bills signal caller plays safe football the team will do well.

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