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What the Bills are saying about practicing against the Browns


For the next two days the Bills will be holding joint practices with the Cleveland Browns at St. John Fisher. Here's what the players and coaches are saying in anticipation of what are expected to be two very lively days of football.
"I'm really looking forward to practicing against Cleveland because now you've got another team in here and even though it's the same drills that we've been doing on the practice field, it's against another opponent. So I think those things are always good and it's great to evaluate guys and great to compete against another team. So I'm really looking forward to that."
--Head coach Rex Ryan* 

"I think having somebody else coming in here it immediately brings more intensity to those types of practices and especially during this time of year you hit that lull. So it'll be good to play against somebody else and I think the competitive edge for both teams will increase that energy level during practice and we'll get more work out of it."*
--QB Matt Cassel*

"We have people coming in, faces that we're not familiar with and some faces that we are familiar with. I feel like there'll be some level of bumping heads, you know with their head coach being our former defensive coordinator."*
--DT Marcell Dareus*

"It'll definitely get more intense. We try to maintain a high intensity level, but with another team coming in it definitely will show and increase the intensity. So I'm ready to get after it."*
--WR Marquise Goodwin

"Anytime you bring in another team to practice against, especially during training camp, it's nice to go against different people. You know, change it up a little bit. But the intensity will definitely be amped up in those team periods, one-on-ones against DB's. The intensity in the locker room will be good. We're excited to be out there against a different team."*
--WR Chris Hogan*

"It's a whole new experience. Something cool is that my former teammate Danny Shelton, I think he plays D-tackle there. So we were on the same team so it'll be fun playing Danny again. Either with him or on the same practice field and seeing him on Thursday. So that's pretty exciting and having more guys to compete with and practice with. I know they've got great guys on their defense and offense and it's just more people to get better with."*
--LB Andrew Hudson

"We practice intense just about every day. It'll be different going against another team, but at the end of the day it's still the same thing- practice. We come out here and compete and work hard every day so that's what we plan on doing."*
--WR Dezmin Lewis*

"It's just going to make us go a little harder. New competition. Guys that we don't see every day. So I'm just excited to go against different guys. I know it's going to be at a high level. Two different teams so you know we're going to be going at each other."*
--WR Deonte Thompson*

"I'm always excited. It's going to be a fired up practice. We're just trying to get this team better overall on all three phases of the game." *
--S Aaron Williams*

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